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Pain Management and Other Benefits of CBD Oil

Pain Management and Other Benefits of CBD Oil

Chronic pain plagues many people because of a variety of medical conditions. Although synthetic drugs are conveniently available, many people are looking for natural alternatives to these drugs. One such alternative is cannabidiol. However, despite the positive response from those who have tried this product, scientific and clinical trials on its effectiveness are still limited. For anyone considering cannabidiol as a natural pain reliever, it is essential to understand the facts to overcome misconceptions.

How does the body react to cannabidiol?

Cannabis and other plants contain compounds known as cannabinoids. Most people think that when you think of cannabinoids, you are only referring to THC, which is the compound that makes you high. On the contrary, CBD does not have the same effect.

Our bodies have an ECS or endocannabinoid system. If you use CBD oil, this system will receive and translate signals from the cannabidiol. Some of the known effects of CBD oil is to help with sleep, enhance immune system response, and relieve pain.

Most CBD oil sold today comes from industrial hemp. In the UK, there is a specific strain of industrial hemp approved by the EU for CBD oil production. Different manufacturers use different extraction methods to get the compound from the plant. After extracting CBD, it is then mixed into the carrier oil.

Using CBD oil to manage pain

CBD has been explored for medicinal use for thousands of years, but the modern medical community has only recently studied its benefits. When it comes to pain management, the following are potential uses of CBD oil:

  • Relief for arthritic pain. Topical CBD oil like creams and ointments may help people experiencing chronic pain caused by arthritis. However, there are limited clinical trials to support this claim. If you want to try CBD oil, consult your physician first.
  • Chronic pain caused by a variety of medical conditions. In general, any pain experienced as a result of certain medical conditions may be relieved by CBD oil. Those who have migraines, pain caused by injuries, and even cancer patients may use CBD oil as a natural remedy. In some severe conditions like multiple sclerosis, CBD oil may be used to manage the pain caused by muscle spasms.

All these potential applications of CBD are still undergoing extensive clinical studies. Since there is little known about the possible side effects of using CBD oil while also taking medication, it is best to consult your physician before giving it a try.

Other general uses of CBD oil

In addition to pain management, CBD oil has many other uses. One popular application is in skincare. People who suffer from severe acne use CBD oil to decrease inflammation. Since CBD oil is known for causing a calming effect, it is also used for treating anxiety.

Overall, there have not been any significant reports of side effects. What you need to watch out for, however, is buying from a reputable manufacturer. Always check for lab reports and detailed composition before buying a particular product that contains CBD oil. Read reviews and customer feedback to ensure your safety.



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