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Palatable Packaging – How To Create Enticing Designs For Packaged Food

Palatable Packaging – How To Create Enticing Designs For Packaged Food

When selling packaged foods, presentation is everything. Potential customers want to be able to see the product they are purchasing. Many products have professional photography on the packaging that makes the food look nicer and fresher than it really is.

Vacuum packaging 

Certain types of fresh foods can be vacuum-packed. This has multiple advantages over other types of packaging. The clear packaging allows buyers to see what they are really getting. For example, if you are selling premade pizzas it will be easy for a consumer to see how plentiful the toppings are compared to what they would usually get on a frozen pizza. This is also a good way to sell cuts of meat or cheese.

Vacuum sealing food removes the air and allows food to stay fresh longer. Another advantage of clear packaging is that if the food has been stored badly or has been kept long past its expiration, it will be easier to notice any spoiling. All you need is a vacuum packaging machine to achieve this and it will let your food sell itself without relying on expensive graphic design and photography.

Packaging design 

Canned food or anything in a box or in a freezer bag all require careful photography and packaging design to illustrate the final product. This is surely money well spent as food packaging design can be very persuasive. 

Canned food 

When marketing canned food you need to demonstrate the intended use of the product in order for the potential customer to want to purchase your product. If you are selling a product in a can such as soup, it is best to show the cooked final product. If it is an ingredient that will be added to another meal, sometimes a photo that makes it look fresh before it is cooked will work better. 

Boxed frozen meals

If you are selling frozen microwave meals, part of your packaging should have a photo of a properly cooked oven meal served on proper crockery rather than a photo of it microwaved in its plastic dish. This helps sell the illusion that the product is much more like a home-cooked meal.  Another good marketing tactic is to also include the cooking instructions so that potential customers can see how convenient the meal is.

Freezer bags

Snap frozen vegetables such as peas or corn should be photographed looking either fresh or cooked, but not icy and frozen. Many brands will make the whole bag look like its contents to make it seem like the packaging is transparent and you are looking at the fresh produce inside.


Most lolly and chocolate manufacturers will either have a photo of the product on the front or they will have a clear panel that lets you see into the bag. Both of these are good ways to demonstrate what you are selling. 

Anything in a tub

Yoghurt and similar products in tubs will often show the ingredients in their raw form to show you what’s in the yogurt rather than showing how the yoghurt itself actually looks. This makes the product seem fresher by showing the whole fruit before it is incorporated into the final product.


Juices are best displayed in clear bottles so that potential customers can see the product. The labels will usually feature the fruit and or vegetables used for making the product. This can be a photo or an illustration depending on your audience. Photos on juice packaging can give a more premium feeling whilst illustrations are often for juices aimed at children. Think about your target audience when choosing which direction you to in.

Logos and text 

When designing the words for your food packaging, it is best to employ a graphic designer who knows about the principles of graphic design. It is also important to include the weight, all ingredients and the relevant health information required within the markets you are selling in. This includes listing possible allergies and other health warnings. Don’t forget to leave room for a barcode. 

In conclusion, keep your target audience in mind and try to present food in the way that the buyer plans to use it. For inspiration, check out what your competitors are doing and note down any similar trends in what they are doing. Then try and do something better!


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