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Parma Nuova – Tonight and Every Night!

Parma Nuova – Tonight and Every Night!

How do you say, “I love you in Italian.” We think it is, “Parma Nuova.”

Get ready to have a love affair with food in a way you never thought possible. On the Upper East Side you will find one of the most superb selections of Italian food in all of New York City.

The haven of this famous address which was once Parma is now known as Parma Nuova (1404 3rd Ave, New York, NY 10075). This famous spot with a facelift has been having the residents in the neighborhood singing out loud loving praises as of recent that are as wonderful as the original markings from Parma that started nearly five decades ago.

The divine offerings of newly minted restaurant take you on a delightful journey that transports you to the romantic land of Italy the moment you walk through the doors.  Owner-Manager Giorgio Manzio, who has partnered with La Masseria Group, Giuseppe “Peppe” Iuele, Vincenzo “Enzo” Ruggiero and Executive Chef Giuseppe “Pino” Coladonato of La Masseria  retained the trademark fine dining quality service of La Masseria with a focus on the flavors of Parma, Italy in a more relaxed environment.

Warm decor and hues of comforting gold, dark, blue and brown tones, you enter this fantastic escape from the stresses of life and into the loving arms of a foodie heaven. Start off your night with a beautiful smile from staff who will openly tell you they love their job here – what a refreshing thing to hear in New York City! Giorgio has selected a foundation for the wine list consisting of 80 selections from Italy, with the rest of the catalogue built with a healthy mix of old world and new world wines. Let them decide for you and you will love it as you start with the fabulous crispy fried zucchini or the incredible creamy center mozzarella cheese (flown in fresh three times a week) served with sweet roast peppers and marinated eggplant with sundried tomatoes.

Then when it comes to the food the only complaint is that you we leave happily stuffed and giggling with joy when you head home after your courses. Most of the pastas are made in-house fresh daily. The Pastas features unique selections like  Gnocchi alla Spuma di Parmigiano e Tartufo Nero, homemade pillowy gnocchi in a parmesan mousse and black truffle sauce topped with truffles shaved tableside. Ah, this mouthwatering dish is beyond a statement. Such tenderness, such richness. Split this with your partner and see fuzzy and glittery stars from the ecstasy it will stir inside of you.

Senses are also soar with other such phenomenal servings as the Filetti di Orata All’Imperialle. This exquisite sea brim is lightly floured and comes with an egg, butter and white wine sauce topped with shrimp. You slowly bite into this and you have to momentarily gasp for air. It takes your breathe away. It pops with flavor and just is wonderful.

Your meal here is magical. There is nothing more to do than visit to experience this perfect night in new York city at Parma Nuova.

Book your reservation today for the most magical weekend you will ever have. We all need love in our life and you will get your fill here for sure. Amore!


LOCATION: 1404 3rd Ave, New York, NY 10075


PHONE: (212) 535-3520

INSTAGRAM: @parmanuovanyc

OPENING HOURS: Monday through Sunday 5 pm to 10 pm





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