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Pass the Tissues: How to Create a Video Slideshow That Will Wow Your Family

Pass the Tissues: How to Create a Video Slideshow That Will Wow Your Family

How to Create a Video Slideshow That Will Wow Your Family

Did you know the first film ever created was in 1878?

While technology has advanced immensely since 140 years ago, one thing stays the same. People feel wildly fascinated with the combination of moving pictures and sound.

If you want to portray a message for your friends and family, using this same method can touch the heart of your audience. Now, you may not be Steven Speilberg, but you can easily create a video slideshow that will wow your audience.

But how can you create a video slideshow that will blow everyone away? Read on to find out.

Are you ready? Lights, camera, ACTION!

Getting Started

You may wonder how to create a slideshow for free? There are many cool online programs you can use without charge. But, depending on the aim of your presentation, you may decide to pay for a more professional looking program.

But before you start playing around with video slideshow software, you need to know exactly where and when you will present it.

For example, will you have Wi-Fi or will you need a downloadable presentation? And how long will your video presentation be? Always remember, short and sweet is best.

How to Create a Video Slideshow

When creating a video slideshow, you need to take into consideration these five vital points.

1. High-Quality Images

Always stick to HD images for your video slideshow. It’s always best to use landscape photos. This is because portrait photos can become stretched or look odd after you format the video.

Besides great quality, the message of the photo should be clear. If you have to look twice to understand, nobody will get the point. Always remember, the clearer the image, the clearer the message!

2. The Power of Music

If you’re wondering how to make a video slideshow a success, the key element is music. But you can’t slap on any old song. You need to consider the mood of the presentation and find something that complements it.

If you’re using the video slideshow for personal use, you can use any song without worrying about copyright. But if you’re uploading it online or using it in a commercial way, you should use royalty free background music.

3. Special Effects

Many tools for video slideshows include special effects. For example:

  • Animations
  • Video effects (such as colors and filters)
  • Transitions
  • Sound effects
  • Text

Whatever you use to jazz up your video presentation, make sure you’re consistent throughout. And don’t overdo it or your audience may not be able to focus on the main message.

4. Text – Less Is More

Add short captions onto your pictures and videos. This will help you to tell your story. You could even use inspirational quotes, poems, or memes.

Again, try not to overdo it. Text should be minimal. Let the photos speak for themselves.

5. A Happy Ending

As in any tale told, your story should have a beginning, middle, and a strong ending. The ending should be a particularly emotional part.

Make sure to use your well-chosen music to create an epic crescendo at the end!

Bring Them to Tears… Don’t Bore Them to Tears!

Are you ready to create a video slideshow? Follow these tips above, and you’ll bring your audience to tears instead of boring them to tears!

If you’re looking for inspiration for your next video slideshow project, check out the latest news in the world of film.


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