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Pastor Chris Leads Holy Land Tour

Pastor Chris Leads Holy Land Tour

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome of Christ’s Embassy Church, affectionately referred to as simply “Pastor Chris” by his parishioners, led an eight-day visit to the holy land. He and his guests visited such historic locations as Caesarea, Abu Gosh, and the Tomb of Lazareth. Some visitors also journeyed into Jordan as well. Plus, there were even more sites to be seen, including such important biblical locations as The Sea of Galilee and Mount Hertzel.

In addition to the traveling and spiritual sightseeing, Pastor Chris gave sermons during the trip, many of which were very uplifting. In fact, several trip participants commented on just how meaningful it was to hear the pastor’s words, especially in such a holy place. There is just something about learning of the teachings of Christ while actually being in a place where he once walked, lived, and performed his miracles.

This was no small crowd enjoying the event either. Instead, hundreds of congregants came on the trip, all eager to follow in the literal footsteps of Jesus Christ and to learn from their time on the journey. In fact, the tour focused on taking visitors through the exact journey that Christ himself took from the beginning of the New Testament up to his crucifixion.

Pastor Chris and his fellow believers have commented on how warmly welcomed and received they were by the people in the Jewish Land. Tolerance was supreme at this event, with Jews and Christians mingling and worshiping together.

This is fitting since the visit came at an important time for the Jewish people. The time of the tour marked the 70th Year of Independence for the Jewish Land, as well as the move of the US Embassy to Jerusalem from its former home in Tel Aviv. This move isn’t just a matter of logistics either. Instead, it signifies President Donald Trump’s admission that the United States recognizes Jerusalem as the Holy City that it is and the deserved capital of Israel. This is a move that many have asked and petitioned for for many years. Pastor Chris and his visitors were delighted to be in the Holy Land during such an important and prolific time and to honor the major achievement of having the embassy move to what many consider its proper home.

In fact, the group even got to take part in special celebrations related to the moving of the embassy. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs held a special reception to celebrate the move and its significance, and Pastor Chris and guests were in attendance. This was a highly selective event, so a personal invitation was a real honor, one that Pastor Chris treasured and accepted gratefully.

Even those who couldn’t go along on this exciting trip were able to keep up via the church’s official website. Wanting everyone to feel included, Pastor Chris offered live updates on his site, keeping everyone in the loop as to what he and his guests were doing on each day of the trip and each step of the way. There were even live video streams for people who wanted to feel as if they were actually there on the trip with Pastor Chris. Furthermore, the pastor will be talking about his experiences and what can be learned from them regularly.

Pastor Chris truly offered his parishioners the chance of a lifetime with this Holy Land Tour. What’s even better is that Christ Embassy Church plans to offer more of these types of opportunities in the future. This certainly is an exciting time to be a part of Christ Embassy Church and a part of the body of Christ.


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