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Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Completes The Second Healing Session Of The Healing School 

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Completes The Second Healing Session Of The Healing School 

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome recently completed the latest installment of The Healing School, which has achieved a range of miracles and supernatural healing during its latest session. The Healing School is dedicated to aiding the people of the world in achieving healing through the Power of God given to his followers through the work of Pastor Chris. This annual ministry takes place at two locations headed by the Pastor as he brings the word of God to the sick and needy, and teaches other Ministers how to use the power of the Lord.

The people of the world have been waiting for the work fo the Pastor to return once again to Toronto, Canada, and Johannesburg, South Africa, which has become the annual homes of The Healing School. For those who simply look at the many lives being saved by Pastor Oyakhilome, The Healing School is doing an amazing amount of religious work. However, one of the most important parts of the work of The Healing School is the education of Ministers from across the planet. Ministers make their way to one of the sessions organized by the Pastor and his followers who are dedicated to securing the spiritual health of the people of the world.

Each session of The Healing School has its own focus, which in this second session was to remain loyal to God and live within His word. Throughout this latest session of The Healing School, Pastor Chris made it clear to the assembled masses they had to take their own feeling of celebration and bring the word of God to their own communities. To back up the claims of Pastor Oyakhilome, the followers who assembled took part in a session of healing of their spiritual and bodily health.

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome has been a dominant figure in bringing religious health to the people of the world through his successful TV station and shows. In 2018, those who were not afforded the opportunity to attend the second session of The Healing School were given the chance to enjoy the entire experience through the global TV hit, “Enter The Healing School with Pastor Chris.” The success of The Healing School and Pastor Chris Oyakhilome have been secured by the millions of viewers “The healing School” flagship TV show has around the world on satellite and terrestrial stations. The TV show provides the opportunity for viewers to enjoy the range of miracles taking place as they listen to the ministry of the world-renowned pastor.

The work of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is not solely focused on the delivery of miracles to those who are sick or suffering in some way. Preaching to those attending The Healing School showed the power of the message of Pastor Chris when members of the congregation who had not yet given their lives to Jesus made the decision to do so. Finding salvation in these stressful modern times has become the aim of the majority as the work of Pastor Chris provides a way to a more peaceful life for his followers. 

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