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Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Continues His Annual Season Of Healing In Nigeria

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome Continues His Annual Season Of Healing In Nigeria

The nation of Nigeria has one of the most highly developed communication infrastructures in the world which is used by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome to bring the Word of God to the people of the planet. Each August, Pastor Chris attracts thousands of people to Healing School which provides an opportunity for those with medical and spiritual issues to be healed under the watchful gaze of God. The work of the Pastor and his group of passionate followers allows those who wish to be healed the opportunity to do so with a higher standard of living as they return to their everyday lives.

The Healing School August Session is known around the world for the joy and success already achieved by Pastor Chris Oyakhilome as he heals the sick and infirm from his base in Lagos, Nigeria. Thousands of people travel to the Nigerian capital to hear the teachings of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome and his impressive group of ministers who have all accepted the Holy Spirit before beginning their healing ministry.

People attend from almost every continent of the world in a bid to cure their ills of various forms which can include HIV, severe migraines, cancer, and heart conditions. The Word of God is used through a schedule of teaching, testimonials, and prayer designed to bring healing to those in the deepest need. Pastor Chris Oyakhilometakes his teaching to various nations around the world each year including his home base of Lagos, Nigeria, and South Africa and Canada. The Healing School is designed to assist individuals in almost every aspect of their religious teaching including making the arrival of individuals in Lagos as simple as possible with aid provided for applying for the necessary visas to attend.

The schedule is a packed one with time allocatedfor lunch each day as the majority of people spend their time deep in prayer and thought actively seeking the healing power of the Lord. Believing in the healing power of God is described by Pastor Chris as the most important aspect of the process of healing undertaken by students attending theAugust Healing School Session in Lagos, Nigeria. Pastor Chris Oyakhilome is a well-known face and voice to the Christian comunity around the world because of his beloved TV ministry. The Pastor has also spent much of his career progressing his live ministry which has become a major part of his work every year. Recent events in South Africa and Zimbabwe followed a successful series of live ministries which saw Pastor Chris actively show the world his skills as a preacher and healer.

The Healing School August Session is once again being eagerly anticipated by those who wish to be cured and others who are waiting eagerly to become the healers of tomorrow by working on their own skills as healing pastors. One of the most impressive parts of the August Healing School Session is the desire of those who have achieved healing to add their own voices to those who have praised the work of Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. Former professional soccer player, Prince Enefiok is one of the most famous alumni of the Healing School after being cured following a debilitating motor accident. The car wreck left the footballer unable to complete his everyday work and seemed to have ended his career until the intervention of Pastor Chris was completed at a previoussession of theHealing School.

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