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Pastor Chris’s Good Gospel Playlist is Music for the Future

Pastor Chris’s Good Gospel Playlist is Music for the Future

Pastor Chris and his Christ Embassy, through Good Gospel Playlist, is bringing music to the masses in a revolutionary way.

For over 30 years, Pastor Chris has made it his spiritual mission to bring God to the multitudes, to make Him accessible to all. Rev. Dr Chris Oyakhilome PhD has proven massively popular, and his best-selling daily devotional has sold millions of copies in over 1004 languages. So, it only makes sense that his message has gone musical. 

Music for the Soul

Pastor Chris strives to make all things gospel and godly enticing and approachable to young and old alike, and so far, has been succeeding in spades. He recognizes the massively influential role music plays in all areas of life, most especially for the youth, which is where he knows the future lies. By expanding into the realm of music, Pastor Chris and his Christ Embassy took, almost instantaneously, God and The Word to the youth, and let’s face it, these latest tunes are foot-tapping good. Gone are the days of the teeth-grinding gospel; the musicians of LoveWorld Music Ministry are banging out beats to rival top pop artists.

Music is a lifestyle, an inspiration, and how different the world could be if raps of drive-by shootings were replaced by melodies of hope and Him. If the beat catches on, the words soon follow – the proven formula that Pastor Chris and Good Gospel Playlist are counting on to influence the future the right way. 

Hymns and Him

Launched in 2003 and broadcasting from Africa around the world, Pastor Chris pioneered the first 24-hour Christian satellite network LoveWorld, now the number one gospel television and entertainment site. The gospel music that Pastor Chris brings his listeners is incredibly diverse, with a range of exciting genres that make up the colorful spectrum of this worship music, Good Gospel Playlist has a little bit of everything for everyone. 

Prizes and Praises 

The 2018 LoveWorld International Music and Arts Awards (LIMA) took place on 20 November, acknowledging the many talented artists making up the Loveworld Music Ministry (LMAM), and broadcast live for the very first time on LoveWorld USA. Every year the LIMA ceremony concludes the enormously eventful annual International Pastors’ and Partners’ Conference, a gathering of the biggest Christ Embassy leaders in the world and thousands upon thousands of Loveworld citizens. 

Last year’s winners were Jeannine Zoe Wojacek and Frank Edwards for Music Collaboration of the Year; Kelly Lyon for Producer of the Year; Pastor Ester Miracle for Spoken Word Artiste; Supernatural for Music Video of the Year; Rita for Songwriter of the Year; T-Sharp for Theme song of the Year; Eben for Artiste of the Year and CSO for Song of the Year, and in the same category- Testimony for the song ‘Jehovah’. 

Gospel Gems

The Loveworld Music Ministry has produced some major worldwide musicians. Their music has given salvation to millions of people, instilling faith, hope and inspiration into their souls, turning their good gospel playlist’s into spirit swirling and foot tapping musical treats.  

Testimony Jaga has been jiving the gospel scene with his new street sounds, and according to Good Gospel Playlist, is fast becoming the main headliner of the LoveWorld Music Ministry, and the musician says he owes it all to Pastor Chris. 

Testimony Jaga started out his career as a secular musician. The burgeoning artist was on the path to success when he suddenly hit hard times. With a lot of prayer and with the help of Pastor Chris, Testimony recalled how he slowly emerged from the personal and emotional wreckage and jumped back on the gospel train with even better music. “I promised God that if He saved me from being arraigned as a criminal, that I will serve Him…God saw me through.” Thousands of listeners are certainly lucky that Testimony founds salvation. 

Another chart-topping gospel starlet, Ada creates super catchy pop and electronic dance music (EDM). Ada has toured the world on stages in Europe, America and of course all over Africa. Other gospel stars and starlets include Sinach, Frank Edward, Eben, and many, many more. 

Hot Gospel Gossip

On Good Gospel Playlist, not only will you find the most inspiring playlists but also all the latest news, updates even delicious gossip on all your favorite stars. Read about the grand Oyakhilome wedding between CSO and Phillip Frimpong that happened in November, Sinach’s personal breakthroughs, reggae king Buchi and the news on his latest tours, Testimony Jaga’s rags to riches story, and so much more. Good Gospel Playlist has it all.  

Digital Leaps 

The Loveworld Music Ministry experience is completely accessible from anywhere in the world. You can enjoy the music news, updates and hits, all on the Good Gospel Playlist website. Pastor Chris has also made all of the Loveworld Music available via streaming on numerous platforms and has also recently the largely successful Cetunes app. The app is a brand-new platform brought to the people by the Christ Embassy president himself that aims to bring the best music in the fastest and most convenient way 

The Cetunes app gives you unlimited access to a variety of the Loveworld’s best gospel musicians. The app offers all of the LoveWorld channels in every imaginable language and access to any channel. For instance, if you’re in the US, but would like access to Nigerian channels, with Cetunes, you can! Here are just some of the channels you will find on the new Cetunes app, Loveworld 360, Loveworld SAT mobile app and the Loveworld Music Store, an app that updates you on the newest and hottest albums from the Loveworld music artists. 

Get Your Good Gospel Playlist Fix 

Follow Good Gospel Playlist to get access to everything Gospel related. You can also follow the channel on Facebook and Twitter and Loveworld Music Ministry on Kingschat. Good Gospel Playlist is waiting for you to get your full musical worship experience. 

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