Pet Astrology

Pet Astrology

Similar to human Sagittarius, this dog can have internal conflict dividing it’s loyalties and personality. Enthusiastic and very communicative “sometimes it might feel the conversation goes on for hours.“ These dogs hold the highest degree in dependability and are extremely trustworthy. Truly a reliable companion. These guys make great police or seeing eye dogs. Long walks or open spaces to run are life lines for a happy pooch. Sagittarius dogs are very clear on who they attach to and who they do not like.  They will make no bones about it. Bright eyed and energetic they will make their family proud.

Note: these dogs are very curious and likey to get into everything so make sure not to leave things open or accessible. Birthday gifts? Nothing that will bore them. Happy Birthday.

Holiday cats

Sagittarius cats are fiercely independent! They need there space to explore . If not they can get a little vindictive, leaving you little signs of discontentment.

These Sag kitties are jovial, lucky and playful. They leave there toys everywhere and a messy litter box, after all they are way to busy to be bothered with those small details. Possibly not the neatest cats, but they are high energy, fun and extremely loyal.


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