She has appeared on “Dancing with the Stars,” “The Real Housewives of Miami,” and “Top Model” as a host and head judge, now Polish American actor and animal rights activist  Joanna Krupa, is making her stance on the wool industry perfectly clear. A new 29-foot-tall billboard featuring the star was placed in Times Square to urge passersby to ditch the fabric due to concerns about animal cruelty.

The billboard was made possible by People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA).  Krupa is standing naked with an injured sheep, alongside the words “THE NAKED TRUTH. THERE’S NOTHING WARM AND CUDDLY ABOUT WOOL.” PETA revealed that Krupa “would rather go naked than wear wool, which is violently shorn off sheep.”

The billboard is strategically placed within shouting distance of Forever 21’s New York City flagship store. The animal rights group has been urging the retailer to ditch wool for some time. In a fight to ensure the industry isn’t pulling wool over consumers’ eyes, PETA released eight film projects that exposed the animal cruelty involved in the production of wool. The exposé features footage from 72 different sheep operations across four continents and included evidence of workers punching, kicking, mutilating, and stomping on animals. When animals’ skin is cut or torn off, wounds arecrudely sewn up with large needles and thread without pain relief.

“My PETA ad may be shocking to look at, but I hope it will open people’s eyes and encourage them to choose kind, wool-free fashion,” stated Krupa who was “stripped bare” and wore makeup to suggest she had been “beaten” like the animals. “Sheep beaten and abused for wool need someone on their side, too.”

Along with the billboard, Krupa penned a letter to Do Won Chang and Jin Sook Chang, the co-owners of Forever 21, urging them to cease their sale of wool. “There are plenty of cruelty-free fabrics — such as Tencel, organic cotton, hemp, bamboo, and others — to opt for instead” she wrote.

Others speaking out include Golden Globe winner Joaquin Phoenix and actor and author Alicia Silverstone, both of whom are vegan and appeared on anti-wool billboards in collaboration with PETA.