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Places to visit in Greece

Places to visit in Greece

Greece is known as the cradle for western civilization. Travelling to Greece can be one of the best life decisions. The only thing that can confuse people and hinders their approach of travelling to Greece is the ways of getting various transport facilities in Greece. 

You may need to book airfares for return or to travel to the next country. can solve all your airfare related issues, but just for your satisfaction let us discuss, how to book airfare in Greece. 

You will need some documents, which will include your visit visa, passport and your pre-booked tickets data. I will suggest you pre-book your tickets online before arriving at the airport, this will help you in understanding the process more accurately.   

Leaving aside need to use the public transport and like all other developed countries you will have to get some permit cards for safe travelling. 

Traveling can be fun if you know what places are worthy of visiting. In this article, we will check out and learn about the best places in Greece.

For me Greece is a piece of heaven for those who want to experience picturesque scenes and islands. The breathtaking views and huge monuments can easily attract the viewers’ attention. 

1.    Santorini 

If you want to have a glimpse of the beautiful blue roofs, under the bright blue sky and the blue natural landscape created but the peripheral sea. 

Santorini has impressed a lot of people, many times when you will discuss about travelling to Santorini, people will suggest you to visit Maldives or Hawaii instead, which are not bad options, but if you are a scene lover and nature has the capability of soothing your mind then you must visit Santorini.

2.    Nafplio 

This is the former capital of Greece. Now, you can easily understand the significance and set up of such city. 

Nafplio is known for its old civilization and exotic culture. There are huge monuments and old houses which can be very fascinating. 

Another best feature of Nafplio is the cuisine. As this city was the centre or various civilization. Thus, there are different seafood cuisines which can trigger your taste buds. 

All these spectacular views amidst some turquoise beaches can help you relax. It is a very clean city with many means of transport and living facilities. 

3.    Ruins of Knossos 

If you are interested in studying and gathering data about ancient architecture, then you must visit this place. 

You won’t need to struggle very hard; it is almost at a 40. minutes’ drive from in case you do not have your car with you. You can simply use the local buses which are very comfortable. 

These relics are one of the best antiques are of the bronze age, various mosaics and pottery will fascinate you for new ideas, you will be able to get the idea about their way of living at such a beautiful place. 

In summers, you ought to visit this place, for its cool and suitable weather condition. 

4. Meteora 

Have you ever seen a huge piece of land suspended in the air? Yeah, I know the answer, but nature has created an opportunity for you to witness this magical picturesque. 

The Greek word, Meteora means suspended in the air, Meteora is a 1200ft high cliff, which is a slightly different from the surrounding mountains, it may look a bit horrific for those who have got a height phobia, but the view from the top of the cliff.

The most significant thing about these cliffs is its churches and monasteries. Many monks and spiritual personalities migrate and stay at these cliffs for isolation and meditation. 

5. Crete 

This is the most spacious island. It has got all the aspects of the natural beauty; you will start to form the coastline and would end on the mountains. 

I would recommend you have a scooter or bike, for travelling through this enlightened and civilized Greek city. 

6. Spinalonga 

It is an island fortress, which can trigger your imaginations about fairytales and magic. The low and high tides of the sea can take your breath away.

The most amazing thing about this site, is its significance for using it as a sanctuary for the diseased people. 


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