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Planning and Building Patios- Key Considerations

Planning and Building Patios- Key Considerations

Major additions or improvements to your home such as a patio require the experience and skills of a reputable profession who can design and build the structure. If you are looking forward to the warmer seasons of the year and get a chance to sit out or entertain in your garden, preparing your outdoor space is a worthwhile investment. As you contemplate your options, there are number of considerations that you need to keep in mind. Planning for the right place and style is an important aspect of successfully building a patio.

Patio Site

Patios and decks are essential features of outdoor entertainment. Although several factors can influence the outcome of a patio, the location is the main consideration. The site of a patio affects how often it will be used and affects how well it can serve its intended purpose.

A patio for outdoor dining should ideally be close to the kitchen and house. This increases the possibility of it being used regularly. Patios that are remotely located provide a good area for dining but you need to be practical about convenience. You may be less likely to use a remote patio as frequently as you plan to.

Climate Conditions

Another important factor to take into consideration is the climate. An area that is conveniently close to the kitchen may have an unpleasant view or exposure to too little or too much sunlight. Privacy, sound and wind also need to be considered.

You can identify ways to bring in more sunlight, add shade or deal with unappealing views. Alternatively, you may have to find another spot for the patio. Good planning will help you handle these situations effectively. Click here for patios Brisbane.


Think about the view you will have from where you sit. Quick solutions like attractive fences can be used to address problematic views. An attractive portion of your view can be framed screen gaps that are carefully positioned. When you want to build a patio, think about the distance from large trees that may damage the patio or suffer root damage. Shallow roots also increase the risk of damaging the patio over time. Consider how accessible facilities such as water for fountains or electricity for lighting will be.

Patio Size

The patio design should take the style of the house into account as well as the surrounding garden and how the patio will be used. One of the top considerations is size. Large patios are likely to cost more and may not be ideal for intimate gatherings with a few friends or family members. However, if you plan to have large parties or reside in a neighborhood that consists of homes with substantial outdoor areas, you can invest in a bigger patio.

Level Surface

Levelness is another important factor because a patio should have a level and firm surface for seats and entertainment. This is one of the outstanding advantages that are linked to patios unlike lawns that do not provide a solid base for chairs and tables, especially when it rains and becomes uneven or spongy. Patios can be airy and open, secluded and private or close to the home, depending on your preference.



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