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Planning Intentional Travel Trip Tips

Planning Intentional Travel Trip Tips

Many people are dreaming of an epic adventure. However, these people will not lack the dream department, but the thing they lack is boots-on-the-ground that will make their dream come true.

On the other hand, as a traveler planning trips to Ireland, there are some things you will have to wrestle with- where the best ideas are to ensure you win them before getting on the road.

  • What is your reason for travel?

Many reasons make us do things and therefore essential to know why you are traveling. Most cases, some people travel so that they can escape and have time to rest. While on other times, you find people traveling to learn or even broaden their experience and minds.

When you know the reason that is making you travel can help to bring a difference in your journey and destination.

You will have to know why you travel because it will be the intention of your trip. So that you can be avoided let-down and disappointment in your adventure is when you define the reason why you want to travel. You can even have some time to think about the reason why you want to travel.

  • Having the right gear

Gear is among the traveler’s existence. When you get it right, then your life will be good. If you get the wrong gear, you might ruin your trip. So, having a proper plan is the key when selecting your gear.

The gear you have is, but you will not need half especially of what you think you need.

  • Your destination

If you plan for a trip, you will start looking at the map to know about the place you are going. If you travel, after a few years you come to realize that the destination doesn’t matter most. When you are traveling for the first time of your adventure, destination plays a significant impact, and you will need to have proper planning.

So, considering where you are going is an essential factor. The other thing is who is traveling because some places are dangerous. For example, Iran is not suitable for women but having a train trip to Europe can be the best place.

  • Funding

The most common question before traveling you has to consider is how you can afford the way you live. It’s not possible to travel t any time or any location without considering funding.

When you fail to have proper planning regarding your trip’s financial aspect will lead to having no place to sleep or rest at night. You can forecast your budget and then double it and also have enough money to pay your ticket without touching it.

There are various ways that you can use when you want to fund your adventure. The best way is to make sure you save enough by leaving below your means. It is the best starting point for most people. The other way is becoming independent in a career where you take what you like doing on the road.


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