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Plastic Surgery 101: What To Expect Before And After The Procedure

Plastic Surgery 101: What To Expect Before And After The Procedure

Typically, plastic surgery is a medical procedure that allows you to restructure any parts of your body. It changes your appearance as it alters or reshapes parts of your body. When it comes to plastic surgery decisions, it’s still essential to know what to expect ahead of time. These expectations can be regarding appearance, healing, and your emotional health following the procedure.

While every patient is unique and every plastic surgery has its own processes, here’s a general list of what to expect before and after the procedure:

Expectations Before The Surgery

When talking about plastic surgery conducted by medical care providers like Vera Clinic, there are numbers of myths and misconceptions people usually have. From signing up for a procedure to the recovery process, patients wants themselves to be informed and confident about their decisions. Before you proceed with the procedure, consider these expectations to avoid disappointments afterward:

  1. Improvement, not perfection

When having a plastic surgery, you can expect improvement but not perfection. If you’re getting an operation to look like a movie star, you’ll be disappointed. Although plastic surgery improves the way you look, the procedure doesn’t guarantee a work promotion or even the improvement of your social life.

  1. Expense

Anticipate that you may have to spend a considerable amount of money for the procedure. Depending on the procedure you want to take, the costs may range from hundreds to thousands of dollars. So, you better prepare your budget beforehand and include the costs for any follow-up care or additional corrective procedures to avoid financial setbacks.

  1. Risks

There’s no such thing as perfect plastic surgery. Dissatisfaction and disappointment are always possible especially if you don’t get what you want. Moreover, surgical complications may also happen, too. This includes the possible excessive bleeding or infection while the surgery is going on. That said, it’s best to anticipate these possibilities before deciding to undergo plastic surgery.

Expectations After The Surgery 

After you’ve decided to go through plastic surgery, it’s normal to feel nervous as you don’t know what to expect in the first place. Compared to other surgeries, a person’s desire to undergo a cosmetic enhancement is often personal and voluntary. That said, there’s always a thin line between realistic and unrealistic expectations after doing the procedure. If you don’t want to feel dissatisfied about the results, it would help if you talk to your doctor regarding the decision you’ll make. Here’s what you can anticipate after going through a plastic surgery:

  1. Time for recovery and rest 

Any plastic surgery requires you to take some recovery time and rest. Depending on the procedure being delivered, the range of time may vary from a few days to several weeks. That’s why it would be best to follow all the instructions given your doctor as well as avoid vigorous activities.

  1. Mild pain

Since all procedures are done under anesthesia, it’s very common if you feel mild pain or discomfort. During this time, it’s important to be patient and ask your doctor if they can recommend a painkiller to buy at a local pharmacy. These painkillers may help you during the recovery.

  1. Constipation

This may happen especially if you’re taking antibiotics to aid your recovery. Ideally, constipation after plastic surgery is a common side effect. Thus, check with your doctor if they can advise a stool softener to ease what you’re feeling.

  1. Burning and itching

If the procedure performed on you involves stitches or laser treatments, it may give you a burning or itching sensation. There’s nothing to worry as it’s a normal side effect. Just be cautious around the treatment area and try to be gentle as much as possible.

  1. Inflammation

For most plastic surgery procedures, swelling or inflammation is a natural part of the recovery. The good thing is that it usually goes away in a week or two. You can control the swelling by sleeping with an extra pillow or in an upright position.

You need to understand that every plastic surgery procedure varies from one another. Although it  is capable of delivering, you also need to know that there are limitations to what procedures can successfully do to your body. If you decide to pursue a plastic surgery procedure, establishing your expectations beforehand can be extremely beneficial.

It can provide you with a better understanding that doing these procedures may have positive and negative implications on your overall appearance and outlook in life. So, if you’re looking to improve your appearance and confidence, keep this information in mind to help you make the right decision for yourself.


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