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Platform Altavod Provides Filmmaker Outlet

Platform Altavod Provides Filmmaker Outlet

Altavod, a new platform founded by filmmakers that provides distributors and independent filmmakers with full control to upload, manage and distribute their movies directly to consumers, launches today with access to rent or purchase hundreds of titles on its platform. Created with proprietary technology, Altavod provides transparent back-end data and analytics around consumer engagement to allow filmmakers, for the first time, to have real-time access to page impressions, sales and conversions related to their campaign. The announcement was made today by Altavod’s leadership team, including Co-Founder and filmmaker Robert Schwartzman and Head of Growth, Cole Harper.

Altavod already serves as a home for unique feature films and documentaries, with partners such as Shout! Factory, ICM Partners, Roadside Attractions, Dogwoof, Passion River, Aspiration Entertainment, Giant Pictures, Cold Iron/The Film Arcade, Freestyle Digital Media, Raptor Films, Utopia, Vuulr, Vidiots and more who are currently utilizing the service. Most recently, Greenwich Entertainment joined the service with their latest theatrical documentaries Creem: America’s Only Rock ‘n’ Roll Magazine and Gordon Lightfoot: If You Could Read My Mind. Distributors and filmmakers continue to upload more titles each day and control visibility aspects across their catalog.

Said Robert Schwartzman, “Film distribution is broken, and we developed a solution that provides auteurs and smaller budget filmmakers with the ability to connect directly with consumers. Altavod was created to give filmmakers better opportunities for self-distribution. With Altavod, filmmakers have full control over rental and purchase pricing, release dates, location availability and creative marketing aspects. We are excited to introduce this service to the filmmaking community, especially during a time when digital consumer engagement is at an all-time high.”

Altavod offers an industry-best sales split, with 91% of sales going to the filmmaker, in addition to zero onboarding or hosting fees for the first year. This means that filmmakers earn more money using Altavod without having to pay up front, all while collecting valuable insights and data that can help grow audiences for future releases. Filmmakers simply create their free account, upload their assets via a comprehensive and user-friendly system, and update distribution settings as they see fit while maintaining full control of how their films are presented on the platform. Filmmakers can post creative assets, marketing materials, press coverage and more onto their individual Altavod page, where they also have the ability to incentivize users to opt into newsletters and engage with their campaign promotions. 

Altavod works within the distribution ecosystem by allowing filmmakers and distributors to upload and monetize content while retaining their licensing rights. In this way, Altavod complements other digital distribution strategies by allowing filmmakers to link to platforms such as iTunes, Amazon Prime Video and Netflix in order to maximize conversion opportunities. Additionally, filmmakers can supplement an existing deal by geo-targeting their release on Altavod to avoid domestic and/or international exclusivity conflicts with other distribution platforms and partners.

Said Cole Harper, “Altavod is the first end-to-end, direct-to-consumer tool for self-distributing films. Our service offers what others in the marketplace do not – innovative technology that allows filmmakers or distributors the ability to upload their content and start monetizing the same day. In addition to helping filmmakers make money, we provide value by allowing creators to manage a digital home to maintain ongoing communication with their viewers.”

Altavod launched its beta site in April 2020 at the strong request of filmmakers and distributors looking for alternative digital release opportunities with built-in ROI and new ways to connect with consumers worldwide. Films that have already seen success on Altavod, both financially and in terms of brand awareness, include the Stephen Curry executive-produced documentary Jump Shot: The Kenny Sailors Story, Hal Needham’s 1986 4K restoration of the cult-classic Rad, Passion River’s timely documentary American Trial and 2020 Sundance Official Selection Documentary Bloody Nose, Empty Pockets, among others.

Said Jump Shot Director Jacob Hamilton, “Altavod is the digital platform that independent filmmakers have been waiting for. A limited theatrical release can be costly for an independent team, but Altavod provided us a means to reach our target audience at a fraction of the cost all while maintaining control over the whole experience. Unlike other digital platforms, we were able to look at real-time data that we could apply to our marketing strategy. Altavod puts the power of distribution into filmmakers’ hands, which is a huge advantage for independent films with limited marketing funds. Even with a larger budget, filmmakers should put it towards the platform with the highest ROI.”

Consumers gravitate to Altavod to explore diverse collections of films across genres and styles and to support and engage with films and filmmakers in ways that cannot be done anywhere else, including consumer contests for Rad; requesting donations for Convoy of Hope in association with the release of Jump Shot; supporting local movie theaters like Lincoln Center, Film Forum and BAM by purchasing and renting select films through their own branded page; and consumer access to hard-to-find back catalogue selections such as Director Mia Donovan’s Deprogrammed and Inside Lara Roxx, Independent Spirit Award-winning filmmaker David Shapiro’s fascinating, underseen docu-mystery Missing People and Mandy Stein’s equally compelling Bad Brains: Banned in DC.

Consumers can also opt into filmmaker newsletters so they can get real-time updates on future opportunities such as attending events, buying merchandise, exclusive virtual interview content and more, furthering the valuable connection between filmmaker and fan.


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