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Play Your Stress Out, Or How Gaming Reduces Anxiety

Play Your Stress Out, Or How Gaming Reduces Anxiety

A lot of discussions on the stress-relief effect of video games have been reported recently, however, this topic will rarely hit the headlines. Controversial image created by the media and social prejudice towards stand-alone like real casino slots or online poker, or towards all gaming whatsoever serves as a great obstacle for some positive findings to break through. Nevertheless, a lot of people still find games of any sort towing their minds away from routine hassles and anxiety. Today we discuss the impact of gaming factor on our level of stress and provide with few simple hints on how to find a tranquil slot for the gambling lovers.


The fact is that games have already formed an integral part of many lives, and the influence, both positive and negative is yet to be studied and understood. Yes, the problems of violence and addiction are more than real, however, it feels like not so much focus and effort is devoted to researching the brighter side of the gaming activity.

For instance, recent Oxford University research states that playing visually-oriented games (e.g. Tetris) is very effective in combating the aftermath of post-traumatic stress disorder. Researches have presented a theory that solving gaming tasks basically get our mind and imagination too busy to replay mental flashbacks returning the patient to the trauma and, consequently, stress. Simply put, it was proven that the engagement video games provide lets us fully distract from anxiety.

Another Dutch study underscores the gaming potential of recovering our mental health and well-being. Most gamers report that playing games help them to reach the state of satisfaction and elevated mood. The sense of accomplishment in a game releases positive emotions, soothes and eventually takes a person away from a real-world problem. Research participants describe it as being immersed in the game due to the feelings of pride and achievement.

According to researchers, the continuous effect of positive emotions caused by gaming leads to forming desirable behaviors and overall positive life outlook which contributes to coping with negative emotions and stress easier.

Reinecke’s research has pointed out that dynamic games improve the abilities like reaction speed and problem-solving. These skills are transferred to real life, making players capable of resolving life issues more effectively which is yet another punch in the face of stress.


Apart from the studies above, there is still plenty of significant evidence to support the beneficial influence of video games on our mental state. Nevertheless, it should be stressed that people who are able to monitor their feelings and emotions are way more successful in using gaming or gambling as a tool to reduce stress. Apparently, if you feel satisfaction from playing, games are the proper tool to relax. It is absolutely necessary, however, to pay attention to the feelings during the process and make adjustments based on the observations in order for this experience to be rewarding.  


Gambling feels to be something pretty distant from an understanding of “calm”. Nonetheless, with all the smart things being said already, online slots appear to be nothing but amazing in coping with stress. To reach as relaxing effect as Casumo casino online provides, you just need to select a proper “package”. We recommend to avoid vibrant colors, bursts and splashes of sound and animation, picking up the game with a pastel color theme, your favorite music on the background and smooth transitions. Choose the slot themes you find soothing – forests, mountains, beaches, whatever appeals to your heart. Even imagining such a gambling session is relaxing, isn’t it?



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