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Playing for Keeps in Times Square with Hottest Lounge in Town

Playing for Keeps in Times Square with Hottest Lounge in Town

When it comes to Times Square the honest truth is that it not typically considered the land of sophistication. Usually it is frankly considered the neighborhood where tourists take selfies. But now there is now a venue that is shaking up that notion and turning things around.

Just a hop and skip down from the main square sits one of the most beautiful clubs in town. The Playboy Club New York is not what you think. Without a doubt the notorious symbol of the bunny is there, but this new look in 2019 is shaking it up – tail and all.

When entering the establishment one immediately is drawn to the pure velvety style. Senses are stimulated and plush sexiness is felt by every man and women who enters the door.

The warm affect embraces you like a hot kiss on a winter night. Seating is ample and the bar is divine. The service meets the quality of the interior design full-heartedly. The Playboy brand has a golden touch and it shines so brightly here.

This is not Times Square. This is heaven in a lounge. One does not feel intimidated by the bunny, but instead one feels the love of entertainment.

Jump in with both feet for a stylish meal or be tickled to your wildest dreams with the eclectic mix of events the venue hosts over the year such as birthday bashes, Super Bowl parties, and New York Fashion week soirees.

There is simply no better experience than a night at The Playboy Club New York.

Photos Courtesy Teddy Adolphe/ Playboy Club New York

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