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Podcasts that You Won’t Be Able to Turn Off

Podcasts that You Won’t Be Able to Turn Off

The vanished podcast and the history of Rome podcast will leave an everlasting impact on listeners.

For decades, the world has experienced the wonders of the internet in every realm; from marketing to teaching, the internet is our go-to solution for everything. However, in recent times, new dimensions have created the need for podcasts to revolutionize the usage of the internet. Podcasts have become the most popular form of information exchange medium amongst businesses, consumers, thinkers, and listeners.

Its simple yet powerful authenticity is what makes it different from the rest – no videos, no images, mere words leave an everlasting impact on the listener; just like the vanished podcast. According to Podcast Insights, “80% of U.S population listen to all or most of each podcast episode.” 

Why have podcasts become music to most ears?   

Despite lacking the edge of visionary attention, podcasts are preferred by most people over videos and images. This is because it involves no distractions from delivering the message straight to the listener. Secondly, the voice grabs such attention that it can make itself available for the listener at any time required. Thirdly, the most effective way to gain new insights and become a wiser person, especially when it comes to opening the gates of history as in the history of Rome podcast.   

With rising numbers in active podcasts and people listening to them, listeners are somewhat loving the old school methodology of hearing the melody of words; just like radios. However, unlike radios, it eliminates the inability to choose what you want. And that is the reason why podcasts have become a million-dollar industry now. From the vanished podcast to the history of Rome podcast, the world is experiencing new ways to empower their imagination by just listening to stories. 

Here is a list of the best podcasts you should never miss out on:

The Story Podcast: 

Narrated by Alec Baldwin, is a series of backstories of 12 unknown women who changed the perception of the world. Every episode of season 1 is a small biography that delivers insights about life and unfolds the value of courage of the most successful women in history. 

The first episode is about a woman who lost everything – family, love, hair, husband, and faith. However, despite losing the most valuable assets of human life, she does not give in. The plot changes during the darkest time of her life and from there on, she never looked back. Without any further heartbreaks, she built an empire whilst regaining her courage, self-worth, and faith. 

The Vanished Podcast: 

It is a podcast based on true events of people who have gone missing. Every week the host – Marissa Jones untwists a story of a missing person with the help of interviews with family, experts, friends, and lawmakers. The vanished podcast in itself is a mystery series that touches the heart of listeners by giving them the edge of knowing about people who were never known to the world and perhaps will never be able to anymore in their physical aspects.  

  • Following are some of the episodes of the vanished podcast: 
  • Marcie Crane Peterson
  • David Lovely 
  • Paige Johnson
  • Audrey Herron
  • Brock Holmes
  • Judith Geurin 
  • Vinyette Teague
  • Matthew Hulse
  • Max Greenfield 
  • Angela Gilbert 
  • Dean Morrison
  • Paul Miller
  • Chance Englebert 

How to Take Over the World Podcast: 

This is the best podcast for people who want to examine the pattern of the most famous people known in history. Every famous person in the past had something different which separated him from the rest of the flock. To know their decision making patterns, life-fulfilling matrix, and behavioral insights, this is the best podcast to follow the footsteps of the greatest and powerful thinkers of all time.

If you want to think and act differently, it is paramount you know what leaders had in them. From Steve Jobs to Napoleon, this podcast uncovers major life lessons. 

The History of Rome Podcast:

The credits for this podcast go to Mike Duncan who enlightens the listeners about the Roman Kingdom – its origin, rise, and fall. You should know; it is also famous as THoR. The reason why The History of Rome Podcast is on this list is that it won the best education podcast in the 2010 podcast awards. Mike Duncan did his homework well and spoke about the lesser-known facts related to the Roman Empire. 

Each episode covers at least 4000 words. His ideology about humans after doing the podcast was that human nature had not changed a bit. In fact, people still behave the same way as Romans used in similar situations. The History of Rome Podcast covers the list of the five greatest and worst Roman Emperors of all. Here is a list: 

The Greatest Roman Emperors:

  • Augustus
  • Diocletian
  • Trajan
  • Constantine
  • Hadrian 
  • The Worst Roman Emperors:
  • Commodus
  • Caligula
  • Caracalla
  • Nero
  • Elagabalus

Monday Morning Podcast: 

If laughter is your therapy, then you should not miss this podcast by Bill Burr. A comedian adding the essence of his acting skills takes this bi-weekly podcast to another level. Monday is the hectic day of a week. Therefore, if a stand-up comedy podcast can make it easier for you, then you should be all ears every Monday waiting for him to air. Sometimes, his wife Nia also adds her laughter magic to the podcast. If you want to know the world not through news channels and reports but in a hilarious way, then let this podcast captivate your attention every Monday and Thursday. 

The Limit Does Not Exist Podcast: 

The two most amazing hosts – Christina Wallace and Cate Scott unwind the limitless career horizons. In this podcast, they share valuable observations about why choosing your path is vital for a happier and successful life. Every episode unleashes the importance of a creative mind, upgrading skill sets, and building the awesome version of oneself. This is a must if you want to add happiness, wisdom, freedom, and harmony to your life. 

Podcasts have the power to help you see the world differently. Try enhancing your imagination by listening to podcasts that open up unknown dimensions for you.


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