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Points to consider when choosing a video conferencing service

Points to consider when choosing a video conferencing service

When the pandemic struck across the world in March 2020, it brought all economic activities to a grinding halt overnight due to almost all nations’ imposition of strict lockdowns. Businesses were unable to figure out the way forward. Soon after recovering from the initial shock, it became clear that despite the limitations amid the pandemic, it was necessary to maintain business continuity by allowing employees to work from home and connect with other stakeholders virtually through video conferencing. It allowed businesses to carry on with selective business activities and keep in touch with customers and clients while sending out a positive signal about the possibility of making a comeback anytime soon.

The demand for video conferencing services skyrocketed during the pandemic, and the trend continues as the culture of work from home becomes deep-rooted.  Besides Zoom, Skype, Google Meet, and Microsoft Teams, there are numerous other video conferencing services to choose from. Cleod9 Voice is the best for video conferencing because of the special technology that eliminates the need to use VPN or installing any software to use the services. 

This article should help you choose the video conferencing system that is appropriate for your organization.

Number of participants

Some video conferencing services are free for a few participants, but you must subscribe to the services if the number of participants exceeds the limit. Moreover, the free services often have limited features that might not be enough for your needs. Therefore, the number of participants in video conferences is an important factor in deciding which type of service would suit your needs. Having a clear idea about how you want to use the services will help establish your needs correctly.

Types of meetings

The way your hold the meetings impact the selection of the video conferencing service. Whether you hold meetings in open forums to encourage interaction with the participants or want to have separate meeting rooms impact the cost of services. You might want to address a gathering mute the participants as the situation demands that type of communication. Make a list of the types of meetings you hold to check about the cost and the kind of services you get for it.

Video feeds

 Be careful about some video conferencing services that promise to accommodate hundreds of participants at a time because they can limit the video streams. Check with the service provider about maintaining the right balance between the number of participants and the video feeds to avoid struggling with it later. Moreover, video quality is critical to ensure that meetings are smooth and the participants enjoy them.

Ease of use

The video conferencing system you choose must be highly user-friendly. Unless the user interface is easy to use, many participants will lose interest in attending the meetings. Meetings that face frequent interruptions and make participants struggle to understand the system can be a waste of effort and money.

In addition, consider the security and privacy of the system to ensure that it helps to maintain business confidentiality.

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