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Pond Picks – How to Keep Your Aquatic Ecosystem Thriving

Pond Picks – How to Keep Your Aquatic Ecosystem Thriving

A beautiful pond can be the stunning centrepiece of any backyard. However, to maintain its beauty and to protect the health of the little creatures within, it’s important to understand how to support a healthy pond. Read on to find out more about the non-negotiable tips and purchases that will help keep your aquatic ecosystem thriving.

Invest in Pond Pumps

Pond pumps serve two main purposes. First is the aesthetic purpose. Pond pumps drive the movement of water throughout the pond, providing the natural look of a flowing body of water. They can also be set up to pump water through a feature wall, fountainhead or simply provide a tranquil bubbling effect.

Second, pond pumps are vital for the overall health of the aquatic ecosystem within your pond. Aeration pumps are vital for ensuring that sufficient oxygen is diffused throughout the entirety of the pond, keeping your critters and fish both happy and healthy. It is recommended that your pump be set to circulate the entire volume of water in your pond at least once every hour.

Control Your Fish Population

Taking control of the population of fish within your home pond is essential in order to ensure that your aquatic ecosystem thrives. There should be no more than 10 fish per 100 gallons of water within your pond.

When there are too many fish in your pond the water may begin to show bubbles of white and grey buildup. This buildup is a result of too much organic material in the water as a result of the excess fish. There are certain fish that will thrive in a pond environment and assist in the natural filtration process. Some popular examples include goldfish, minnows and sturgeon. It is always important however to consult with a professional before purchasing any fish for your pond, to ensure that they will be able to thrive in the aquatic ecosystem.

Choose the Correct Filtration System

One of the common mistakes home pond owners make is failing to install the correct filtration system for their pond. It is essential to ensure that your filter matches the size of your pond and is installed according to the manufacturer’s instructions. A filter that is incorrectly installed and not regularly cleaned will endanger the health of your pond creatures.  

There are a number of different filters available on the market, each with their own benefits. The most popular filters are:

Pressure filter: When using a pressure filter, water if pushed via a pump, through a filter and back out into the pond. Pressure filters are generally recommended for small to medium-sized ponds.

Gravity-fed filter: With a gravity-fed filter the pond water is fed inside by a pump but flows by gravity through various stages of filtration. These filters are normally installed in larger koi ponds.

It can be difficult to determine which filter will be most beneficial for your pond. It is therefore best to obtain expert advice prior to any installation.

Clean Regularly

Relying on your filter system alone to clean your pond is not enough. Garden ponds are magnets for leaves, dirt and other debris that can easily accumulate over time. This assortment of debris can release toxic gases when they begin to decay, threatening the health of your ecosystem.

It is therefore essential to regularly clean your pond using pond vacuums and skimmers to collect all debris. A good quality pond vacuum will be able to successfully move through stone and gravel, while a skimmer can be used to collect any leaves or debris that is floating on the surface of your pond.

~There are many factors that can negatively impact the beauty of garden pond and the health of your critters and fish. It is therefore important to understand your aquatic ecosystem, and to follow these simple tips to keep it thriving.

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