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Port Authority Allows Bus Passengers to be Discharged into Active Smoke Condition

Port Authority Allows Bus Passengers to be Discharged into Active Smoke Condition

As if bus commuters didn’t have enough to deal with — like enduring 45 minute delays at the Lincoln Tunnel on Thursday morning — they encountered smoke when they got off the bus at the Port Authority Bus Terminal.

Port Authority officials warned commuters about a smoke condition in the terminal’s south wing in an alert. The smoke was causing “discomfort,” the alert said. Officials tweeted that the smoke was caused by a minor fire in mechanical room that was extinguished. Passengers were directed to facility’s 8th Avenue exit until the smoke dissipates. Many commuters wondered why the Port Authority, the Bi-State agency that runs the facility, continued to allow passengers to be discharged in the build into an active smoke condition.

PortAuthBusTerminal✔@PABusTerminalThe PABT is experiencing a smoke condition that is causing discomfort. We are working on the situation. Thank You for your patience! [69] 98:12 AM – Feb 28, 2019Twitter Ads info and privacy

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