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Post-Covid Syndrome and Mental Health: Josh Gibson MD 

Post-Covid Syndrome and Mental Health: Josh Gibson MD 

We never noticed, but experts have always raised flags about an upcoming tsunami of “psychiatric illness.” What seemed like an end of a covid era was the aftermath of the COVID-19 pandemic. It is visible that for such catastrophic disasters like COVID- 19, the adverse effects on the mental health of the people would be long-lasting. The continuous negligence of mental health by many US citizens would be the sole reason why we have noticed such devastating effects of it. The restrictive and restraining effects like lockdown and social cut-off have only worsened the situation.

Quarantine, lockdown and its impact on mental health 

According to independent organization research done, many people suffer from disturbance, insomnia, and irritability or PTSD just after quarantine. The wide term impacts on general health are more like suffering from anger, anxiety, depression, and PTSD. It has not even stopped at this, yet it’s more extended towards avoiding crowded places (a case known as Hikikomori), cautious washing of hands, over usage of alcohol. Surprisingly these are symptoms that could range anywhere from 3 weeks to 3 years.

State of mental health of individuals post-covid period 

In the cases where the need for hospitalization has arisen, it has been found out in small-scale research that Delirium or dementia is common with and it usually commenced in the acute stage of illness. When discussing long-term effects on patients who required hospitalization, although there wasn’t very much data available, these are comparable to previous corona virus-related illnesses like SARS and MARS. Here also, there was a continuous increase in the cases of mental illness post-treatment.

Post COVID-19 crises like economic recession and its impact on mental health.

Contrasting to everyone else’s prediction, we thought that everything, especially our economy, would be back on normal as its man-made restraining, but things went wrong and went directly as predicted by World Bank. World Bank has already predicted that there would be an economic recession at the beginning only. And all this has adversely affected the global health of people across the globe. Alone in the US, we have noticed many casualties, which were all caused due to job loss, mental illness, and stress. We thus recommend quick counselling sessions, especially to the most vulnerable age group. Another main cause for this illness is Unemployment, which always goes hand in hand with economic recession, and we would see frequent job losses. 

The rate of mental breakdown is reaching all time high in this pandemic. One of the reasons behind this is degrading economy with little to no income for many people. This phenomenon has affected a lot of aspiring students throughout the country. However, Josh Gibson MD Scholarship comes out to rescue deserved candidates with monetary benefits.

Final Words

The mental health and long-term impact on us could go hand in hand forever. In return, we might see a more steady and faster rate of new cases coming up each day concerning mental health disorders. This is common for those who are too willing to work but are forced to stay inside locked. Which, as a result, affects their morale to self-confidence. Thus, we should try to limit the impact of COVID- 19 for the betterment of our country and its future.


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