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Practical Décor – 5 Useful Household Items That Can Brighten Your Home

Practical Décor – 5 Useful Household Items That Can Brighten Your Home

Photo by Alisa Anton on Unsplash

It’s fair to say that everyone wants their home to be functional. You wouldn’t live somewhere that didn’t have a kitchen or bathroom and our time poor lifestyles demand more and more from our physical space. Functionality, however, often comes at the expense of beauty, which can be a real problem when we consider the many ways our surroundings can impact on our health and mood.

it’s possible to brighten up your space with small touches that improve both the function and aesthetic of your living space and your mood.

Cook in Style.
Cooking is often the last thing people want to do when they return from work. This leads to a cycle of takeaway dinners and poor nutrition, which in turn, lower your energy levels and perpetuates the cycle.

A quick way to boost your desire to cook is to invest in a beautiful cookware set that you love. By investing in an aesthetically pleasing set you’ll make your kitchen feel more fun and homely and you might even end up wanting to do the dishes.

Light Up Your Life.
Another easy fix is to get some pretty lamps to place in areas such as bed and living rooms. Not only can lamps be a great design feature but they’re perfect for adding mood lighting or making it easier to read in bed. Bonus points for this one if you get a couple of salt lamps as they purify the air of the room they’re placed in.

Warm and Fuzzy.

Throw rugs are a great way to add a pop of colour to a room. If your house is prone to getting particularly cold in Winter, they’ll become a super functional part of your decor. A tasteful throw rug will make a room look warm and inviting when not in use, and keep you toasty when you need it.

Sitting Pretty (Organised).

A “drop off station” is arguably necessary in any home. You may not even realise it but you probably already have one. Think of where you dump your shoes, keys, purse, etc. when you walk in the door and now transform it into a feature piece in your mind. Sure this isn’t really an addition but upgrading this part of your house can do wonders for the overall feel of your home. Get a nice little cabinet with a place to store your shoes, place a bowl on it for your keys and a hook off the side for your handbag and suddenly the chaos that haunted your front door is now a beacon of tranquility.

Window Shop.

A picture always looks better with a frame and the scenery outside your window will look better with some nice window furnishings acting as a border. If a room is a little dull but you don’t want to go changing your your furniture or layout, consider getting some new blinds or curtains. Not only will they make the room pop but there are so many kinds available these days that you’re sure to find something that’s functional and makes you fall in love with your view all over again. Additionally, they can be really great for the environment.

Functionality and style don’t have to be mutually exclusive. Never settle for anything less than what makes you feel happy and relaxed. After all, you spend a lot of time in your home. You obviously can’t live without necessary items, however, that doesn’t always mean that you have to settle for being uninspired in your living space. Shop around, find something that brings a smile to your face, and let it enhance your home.


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