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Prepaway – Several Reasons to Take EC-Council CEH Certification Exam

Prepaway – Several Reasons to Take EC-Council CEH Certification Exam

Cybersecurity plays a major role in any company. Nowadays, the recurring security breaches and attacks are causing more and more of organizations to put a large part of their budget in countering these. The companies need to feel secure when advertising their site. They also want their customers to be assured that their website or any other online platform is completely safe and private. These organizations recruit the highly trained individuals to assess and secure their online presence while fighting any attacks or breaches. These trained professionals are also offered excellent salary packages and added benefits. The EC-Council CEH certification is a great way to help a young individual get certified in this field and be considered a well-versed specialist.

The CEH certification stands for Certified Ethical Hacker. The name is self-explanatory. It means that the person who will get this certificate will be equipped with all the necessary tools to fight against any hacks or cracks that happen on an online platform. This will also inform about the different ways of hacking a system and how to use that information to develop and take the necessary security measure to provide safety against any future hacks. Therefore, the customers of the company are assured about the legitimacy of the website and this may even improve the reputation in the market.

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About the CEH exam

The CEH 312-50 exam certifies you to become an ethical hacker. This means that you will be able to search and identify areas in your online system that can be targeted by other hackers. Then, you will develop and create new ways to solve the problem to provide the company with cybersecurity.You are equipped with all the information required to hack any website or online platform and use those hacking tricks to prevent attacks. It lets you put yourself in the place of the hacker and enables you to test out the vulnerability of your system to any security breaches. This is a unique and highly efficient way to ensure the safety of your system and many recruiters today ask for these skills when hiring the cybersecurity professionals.

The 312-50 exam consists of 125 questions that are multiple choice. These multiple-choice questions are intellectually challenging and require you to acquire good knowledge and skills of ethical hacking. They are designed to evaluate an individual’s performance by giving real-life situations of cyber attacks and security breaches. The candidate needs to assess the situation and use skilful techniques to efficiently re-secure the system. The duration of the certification test is 4 hours, during this time, you are not allowed to go against any rules laid down by the examiner. Failure to do so may result in cancellation of the candidate’s exam.

The certification test also has passing criteria to help maintain high standards. This minimum score is determined by the examiner and depends on the difficulty level of each exam session. Each question of the test is rated individually for difficulty and these scores then add up to make the final passing score of the exam. The average benchmark that is set for CEH 312-50 usually varies between 60% and 85%.

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About the CEH course 

The course for the EC-Council CEH exam is divided into 5 categories. They are developed precisely to give you specific knowledge and skills in order to enable you to hack, test and secure the system that is at your mercy. This allows you to get more insight into the actual world of cybersecurity. The five categories are Reconnaissance, Gaining Access, Enumeration, Maintaining Access and Covering Tracks. The labs that are developed by the security professionals allow you to train for real-time security threats by creating an atmosphere that makes you experience a hacking attack and recover the system from it.

About CEH exam preparation 

Preparing for the 312-50 test can be extremely stressful for some people. The general idea of learning and cramming a huge amount of information in little or no time can drive a person into depression and fear of the exam. While some organize and schedule a studying timetable and fulfil the process step by step, others use more unique and non-traditional ways to learn. These methods include video tutorials or braindumps to help the candidates analyze the pattern of the test. Although all these methods are bound to show results, EC-Council has designed and recommended a few ways of preparing for CEH 312-50 that are proven to show extraordinary outcome. This is a fancy way to divide the student’s preparation so that he or she experiences all the techniques of learning. These methods include self-study. EC-Council has provided the candidate with video lessons that can be accessed through the official website. These materials can be easily used to study and prepare for the exam individually with the opportunity to plan your time as you wish.Next option is an online course from the highly experienced instructors. The classes are provided once a week and can be joined online to help the individual study from an expert and that also within the comfort of your own home. Training partner, which provides you with a person that is also going through the same thing as you, is another way. This helps people concentrate more because it is a form of group study that can be done in person. The candidates can also share and solve problems together.

The EC-Council CEH certification is the perfect opportunity for anyone who is interested in pursuing a career in cybersecurity. The importance of this industry is doubtless these days. Therefore, it is a highly reputable credential that provides the candidate with valuable knowledge and skills to be able to get recruited at high-paid jobs.

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