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Proper Ways To Build The Perfect Anchor Text Distribution

Proper Ways To Build The Perfect Anchor Text Distribution

It is everyone’s target to make their sites raise their search engine ranking. One efficient way of achieving this is using anchor texts. Research shows that websites that make good of it gain a competitive advantage. There are best practices when it comes to the anchor text distributions. They need to be placed naturally.

At times these anchor text optimization processes have changed over the years. The linking to websites ought to be accurate as this matters a lot to search engine ranking. Using keyword-rich links at different intervals is important. For a perfect anchor text distribution, there are several considerations that a person ought to make. Below are some of them.

Make Anchor Texts Natural and Versatile

Going by Google, a site has to ensure the provision of real value in all areas. This is not only in the general information but for the links and anchor texts as well. Place links at the points where users expect them to be. This makes them not struggle in arriving at their information. The Google algorithms are growing better each day. It implies that more caution needs to be placed in the anchor text distribution.

Avoid numerous repetitive key-word based anchors in the website’s cloud.  There is a need to do linking to high-quality pages. The relevance also needs to be thought about. Going for the sites which are from high Domain Authority is a must. Do wide research on some of these sites’ high page authority. You can have a list of them such as you will be picking them each time you need some external linking.

Refrain from Over-Optimization

As much as you want to come up with perfect anchor texts, do not go overboard. Google, for instance, does not appreciate over-rich ones. A key-word based anchor text which is spammy tends to raise eye-brows to the search engine. It may indicate blunt manipulation with backlinks. This results in penalties.

This is why a proper distribution of anchor texts across the inbound links may be a good thing. Do it in the right proportions for more efficiency. A perfect example is when you want to place “IT managed company. Instead of this, you can go for “Companies that offer IT managed solutions.” Another option can be “The most Suitable IT managed Firms.” This makes it simple and unique in a great way.

Make Anchor Texts Relevant

Depending on the content you are developing, keep anchor texts relevant to the content. Google has improved much of its algorithms for solving its challenges. One of the things they did is come up with artificial intelligence which helps them know the meaning of each website. By understanding the nature of sites quickly, they are now able to determine which anchor texts and links are relevant.

When you place an internal link with irrelevant anchor text on your site, there is a likelihood of harming the search engine ranking. It also applies to the backlinks with anchor texts, should you care about anchor text distribution, which is irrelevant. The main reason why Google does this is that it wants to provide quality content and links to users.

Go for Relevant Guest Blogging

Any guest blogging campaign ought to be successful and cost-efficient. For this to happen, a healthy anchor text cloud becomes a suitable option for you. You may be into posting to push the digital marketing tips keywords. It can be you do placing of links to pages with information concerning digital marketing with an accurate match.

In this situation, you need to make the anchor text on “digital marketing tips” plus the link ought to be on a site talking about the content. Therefore, look at the specific content and make it relevant in all dimensions. It builds your ratings as a blog. This best practice, therefore, not only makes you abide by the rules but also boosts your traffic.

Avoid Linking with Spammy Sites

The first part concerning the building of links from low-quality websites is self-descriptive. Google pays much focus on the sites you make links to. The type of co-citation has a significant impact on the calculation of a site’s SERP placement. This is after the release of Google’s Hummingbird update.

Always do some checks on the external links as this ensures no connection to low-authority sites. At times reciprocal links can make you get some payments. The same case applies when dealing with some low-quality websites. However, this can be toxic to your site’s ranking as well as authority. Be more focused on the well-being of the website you have taken years in building.

Looking at the DA of a site can help you know its quality. The ones above 60 are mostly the best. They are less or non-spammy in any way. Therefore, take time to analyze a website based on its Domain Authority.

Do Even Distribution of Anchor Texts

There is no clear boundary on which distribution is the best. Site owners have different views on what works for them. However, some basic guidelines need to prevail each time a distribution is being made. Refrain from stuffing the anchor text cloud with keywords that are an exact or partial match in any way.

The next is the choice of anchor text. It needs to be branded. This is generally-accepted by Google. If you are a blog, ensure that the anchor text is the site’s address. You need to be accurate with this as slight mistakes can interfere with the results. Also, ensure that you sparsely use page titles or blog post title anchor texts. Do a thorough analysis of your niches and the competitors.


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