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Pros and Cons of Nutrisystem

Pros and Cons of Nutrisystem

Nutrisystem is a company that promotes weight loss. It offers dietary counselling and portion-controlled meals to their clients. The system is then modified according to the needs of dieter. For example, the system functions for both meat-eaters and vegetarians as well. They even offer specialized programs for health enhancement.

Basically, the program comprises of three main systems: nutrition, transition and activity. Nutrition is focused on meals comprising low glycemic foods. Activity is primarily focused on encouraging dieters to trigger their physical activity and improve their overall fitness. In a nutshell, incorporate proper workouts in their routine. Transition is the final part of program where dieters are moving from weight loss stage to weight maintenance stage.


There are some pros associated with the nutrisystem. Here is a list:

  • This program is very easy to stick giving you more control over your body. It is not a rapid weight loss program allowing participants to focus more effectively.
  • Receiving meals that contain low calories is convenient. There is no need for self-preparation as well and it eliminates the worries relating to portion control. Each meal will give you the calories you need.
  • It is a diet program that is available to the dieters all the time. Whenever you feel like reducing weight, you can reach out the experts via official website the get the support to stick to this program.
  • Nutrisystem is not entirely reliant on limited calorie consumption and portion control for losing or maintaining weight. In fact in encourages the participants to involve in exercise as well to get better fitness and health levels.


However there are some downsides associated as well. Here is a list:

  • Nutrisystem program is not at all cheap. However, people belonging to a certain elite financial class may disregard this negative but that doesn’t disqualify people who cannot afford this program. The pre-packaged meals are not cheap. These meals are only for 28 days and after evaluation, we can say that each meal is more expensive than cooking meals at your home. Dieters are also required to buy additional veggies and fruits in conjunction to the meals. This will add up to the total.
  • Each meal is only supposed to serve one person. It cannot be shared amongst family members and will also be insufficient for overweight children. Meals are also not as delicious as home cooked meals.
  • The system does not guarantee any long term results. Not sticking to the program for long time will bring back the weight you just lost. And it is not even for rapid weight loss. It is a gradual process.

These were some pros and cons of nutrisystem. You can read more about it on bestiews, but as a general matter of opinion, the pros and cons varies from person to person. It depends on your personal preferences on how much you make out of the program. For some the program may be ideal however some may consider it as a waste of time. So evaluate your long-term and short-term objectives then consider the option.


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