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Providing support for a loved one after a personal injury

Providing support for a loved one after a personal injury

Anyone who has suffered a personal injury will know just how frustrating it can be on your road to recovery. The struggle to complete basic tasks, lack of mobility and the fact you can’t do the things you love most.

Personal injuries are extremely common. They happen during sports games, when you’re walking along the street and sometimes even at work. Did you know that in 2020/21, 400,000 non-fatal injuries occurred in workplaces?

If someone you love has recently suffered a personal injury then you will need to support and nurse them back to full health. We understand that it’s not the easiest of tasks and so, you may benefit from these tips to support a loved one after their personal injury. Read on to find out more.

Help them get around

Depending on where the injury has occurred, your loved one may be unable to move by themselves for a while. For example, a broken leg can take between six and eight weeks to recover fully from therefore you will have to help them with basic tasks.

This may include:

  • Helping them shower
  • Bringing them items such as food
  • Supporting them as they learn to walk on crutches

They may feel like they are burdening you when you do everything for them, so it’s important to let them know that they are not. This will comfort them and help to keep their mind in a positive place.

Provide emotional support

Following on from the previous point, personal injuries can be extremely tough mentally on people and so, you must provide emotional support. Encourage them to open up about how they’re feeling and reassure them that they will get through it. This will give them peace of mind that it is just a minor setback in their life.

Be practical

There is a lot of admin that comes with a personal injury but your loved one may not be in the right headspace to deal with that right now. Support them by reporting their injury to their place of work to ensure they get the time off they deserve.

You may also consider contacting a professional if you believe your loved one has a claim. If the injury wasn’t their fault then they may be due compensation. If you’re unsure then it’s still worth calling to find out.


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