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Pull Out Your Hoop Earrings and Style Them a New Way

Pull Out Your Hoop Earrings and Style Them a New Way

Women the world over continue to find new ways to wear hoop earrings, and these ways range from the fun to the fascinating. This helps to explain why these earrings have become so popular once again. However, some women find they struggle to style these earrings in ways fashion bloggers do. Their earrings don’t add to their outfit. This is a skill many women possess, but they appear to lack. This doesn’t have to be the case. Styling hoop earrings can be effortless with the help of the following suggestions.

Look Hip with Oversized Hoops

When looking for hoop earrings, choose an oversized pair and make them your statement piece. Women who do so discover the earrings instill them with a certain attitude, one that draws attention everywhere they go. Many people consider this a hipster look, especially when the woman pairs the earrings with dramatic red lips. If you choose to wear these hoops, style the hair so they remain a focal point of the outfit. This is not a pair you want to hide in your hair. This style works well with dressy outfits as well as casual ones.

Go Modern

Why settle for plain hoops when these earrings now come in trendy and modern styles? Pick up a pair of hoops in a geometrical shape to give any outfit a modern look, one that adds an elegant touch to the outfit. For everyday wear, choose a medium-sized pair of hoops with a geometrical shape, as they go with any outfit. These earrings easily go from work to a club with a simple change of outfit. The earrings are stylish, yet minimalist, which makes them incredibly versatile. This reason alone is enough to have many women searching for a new pair of earrings.

A New Twist

Women are rushing to purchase hoop drop earrings because this style offers a symmetrical look while at the same time being out of balance. They add interest to the plainest of outfits and take the outfit from boring to amazing. The design is both simplistic and elegant. It leaves the woman with a feminine look that is also stylish. Pair these earrings with an off-the-shoulder top to accentuate the neck and make you look and feel refined and graceful.

Disproportionate Hoops

Although hoops of this type aren’t appropriate for everyday wear, women may wish to invest in a pair when they want to stand out in the crowd. Think back to fashion models on the runway. They often wear statement pieces such as these when showing off new fashions but rarely appear in these pieces again. Fashion designers love them because they give the model confidence as she shows off their designs. They leave her feeling daring and fearless. Every woman can feel the same when she wears these unique pieces.

Simplistic Hoops

Women often find it difficult to incorporate the latest fashion trends into their daily wardrobe. Simplistic hoop earrings allow them to achieve this goal. Add a touch of flair to a monochromatic outfit by pairing it with colorful hoop earrings or use statement earrings to achieve the same goal. If a woman wants to make the earrings the focal point of the outfit, however, she needs to ensure she wears a hairstyle that allows the earrings to shine. Pay attention to the details. For example, medium-sized hoops and a half-bun hairstyle work well together.

Work Attire

Although a significant amount of progress has been made regarding women in the workplace, ladies must still take care when choosing what they wear to work each day. One mistake could harm her career and set her back on her goals. Women do best to keep their hoop earrings within reason while working. Choose small or medium-sized earrings and appear professional and fashionable at the same time.

Avoid bold designs that can be distracting. People may take one look at the earrings and not take the woman seriously. Although this should never be the case and a woman should be judged on her work rather than her appearance, this isn’t always the case. For this reason, it’s better to err on the side of caution and keep earrings small while at work.

Bring Back the 90s

Women in the 1990s would often wear overalls with a crop top or turtleneck and finish their outfits with a pair of simple hoop earrings. They would wear minimal makeup, which allowed the earrings to shine. Overalls are fashionable once again, and women may want to recreate this look today. For those who don’t like this clothing style, other options remain available. The woman can replace the overall with high-waisted shorts or denim jeans. It’s all a matter of what she prefers and feels comfortable in.

Mix and Match

Women love to start new fashion trends. An easy way to do so is to mix and match hoops rather than wearing a set. This provides ladies with a way to show off their creativity and personal style without spending a fortune or making too much effort. They can combine earrings they already own or purchase new pairs for this purpose. Large and small hoop earrings work for this purpose and a woman might even want to do graduated hoops up the earlobe.

Spice It Up

Women may prefer casual outfits for daily wear. However, they don’t want to disappear in the crowd simply because they wish to remain comfortable. A pair of big hoop earrings ensures they don’t get overlooked. Go beyond the basics and look for hoops that draw the eye, such as ones in unusual shapes or drop hoop earrings that skim the shoulders.

With countless ways to wear hoop earrings, every woman needs at least one pair in her jewelry box. However, most women find they want multiple pairs to ensure they have a set for every outfit and every occasion. The versatility of the earrings ensures the woman will get her money’s worth, as she will want to wear every pair regularly. The hardest part may be choosing which set to wear each day.

Fashion and High Society

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