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Pursuing a Massage Therapist Career in Pennsylvania (My Story)

Pursuing a Massage Therapist Career in Pennsylvania (My Story)

I’ve always been someone who has adored helping other people. I’ve also always been someone who simply adored making other people feel good. I guess those things go hand in hand. This all explains my career path to becoming a massage therapist, too. Massage therapists naturally strive to make others feel fantastic. They strive to help them do away with all sorts of unpleasant bodily aches and pains.

My penchant for making others happy started all the way back during my upbringing in Pennsylvania, also known as the Keystone state. I was born and reared there. There are so many things about Pennsylvania that make it great. It has gorgeous nature on its side. It has culture and heritage. It even has excellent shopping and dining opportunities. It doesn’t matter if you’re in the mood to check out American cultural attractions or if you want to go on a shopping spree. Pennsylvania can accommodate any and all of your wishes quite nicely. I revel in spending time in Pittsburgh, Philadelphia and beyond.

I went through my entire education in my home state. Once I completed my high school education, I knew I had to make a choice with regard to my career path. That’s what drove me to sign up for a massage therapy school. This was a no-brainer for me. I’m excellent with my hands and always have been. I’m also an extremely patient person who aims to please. Assisting people makes me feel like a million bucks. I get more out of helping others than vice versa, or at least I think I do.

There are many massage therapy institutions scattered all throughout Pennsylvania. I tried to find the ideal one, too. I had a short list of requirements. I wanted to attend a school that was a relatively short drive away from my home. I wanted to attend one that had a stellar reputation among past students as well. Thankfully, Internet research helped me narrow down all of my options. I was able to find a massage therapy institution that ticked off all of my boxes. I even managed to find one that exceeded my expectations. One of the massage therapy schools in Pennsylvania that caught my eye was merely five minutes away from my place of residence. I was totally psyched. 

Massage therapists need to be equipped with licenses in the vast majority of American states. I had to score a license prior to being able to pursue a job as a massage therapist. That’s where education and training both came into play. I learned a lot about my upcoming career during all of my classes. Being a massage therapist calls for a lot of work. My classes prepared me in many ways. They taught me that a massage therapist career would be highly manual, and that was no dealbreaker. Fortunately, I’m no klutz. 

My program was quite comprehensive and intricate, to say the least. I took courses that ran the gamut. Some of the subjects I learned a great deal about were physiology, human anatomy, massage theory, pathology and hygiene. Learning about all of these things was totally worth it. I employ my expertise from these courses day in and day out. My clients get a lot out of it as well. I was lucky enough to be a highly focused pupil during my education. I never ignored my classes or the things my instructors said.

I enjoyed my program. That’s not to say that I wasn’t elated to finish it, however. I truly was. I couldn’t wait to get out into the real world to start my amazing career. Working as a licensed massage therapist is something that’s highly enriching and rewarding to me. I cherish being able to interact with my clients on a daily basis. I cherish being able to help them and make their daily lifestyles easier and more comfortable as well. I wouldn’t trade my job for the world. I also often suggest that people I know go into the field. A career as a massage therapist is suitable for individuals who are patient, detail-oriented, thoughtful and compassionate as can be. I have many friends who fit that description to a T.

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