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Qualities a Criminal Immigration Lawyer Must Have

Qualities a Criminal Immigration Lawyer Must Have

Imagine this! You want to start life afresh in the US but you’re not a US citizen and you have been charged with a crime. Two legal systems are breathing down your neck with the threat of incarceration, fines, probation and, ultimately deportation looming large over your head. In such a scenario if you don’t have a good criminal lawyer to handle your case, you’re already in grave danger and even more so if you have a criminal lawyer who does not understand immigration law.

Non citizens often make this mistake of hiring good criminal lawyers but find out later on that their lawyer doesn’t know how to properly analyze their clients’ potential immigration consequences. The worst part is that the clients are now told to pay more money to get a second attorney who will advise them about immigration laws. Do not fall into this trap.

It’s important to research multiple criminal lawyers in the US in order to find one with the necessary skills and experience for your case. Immigration law is intricate, and many immigration lawyers specialize in just one or a few areas of the law. For example filing for political asylum is very different from filing for a green card.

Keeping these different points in mind, it becomes very important to have a fair idea about the qualities a good criminal immigration lawyer must have.

Here are the qualities that a good criminal immigration lawyer must have:


A good criminal immigration lawyer has to be accessible.  Although, it is unrealistic to expect 100% time of a lawyer, when you have an emergency, the attorney should be able to respond to you quickly. You should also find out who would be a backup professional in case your attorney is not available at the time. The answer to the question –“How will we communicate? Will you keep me updated regularly?” should be answered clearly.


Academic achievements are all good and fine but the years of experience the criminal immigration lawyer has with your type of case should be also clear. Being extraordinarily familiar with the Immigration Act, federal regulations, and relevant court decisions is more important than their rank in law school. What kind of cases have been handled by them? What were the outcomes? Check out the credentials of the person. Is the attorney respected by peers or won awards? Is the individual recognized by the respective state board? As for references and look for personal testimonials to determine what experience others have had in dealing with your prospective criminal immigration lawyer.

Sense of Fair Judgement

The best criminal immigration lawyers are successful because they can draw logical conclusions from the situations and variable presented in front of them. Confidence and decisiveness are key traits of a successful criminal immigration lawyer.

Navigating the roadblocks

When the case gets tough, a competent criminal immigration lawyer will delve into a mixture of experience, analytics, logic and innovative strategies to accomplish the goal.

Superlative Communication and Public Speaking Skills

Communication can make it or break it when it comes to presenting the facts of a case. More often than not, a lawyer will need to think about and respond to challenges on the spot and must do so with confidence. Similarly, communication is of paramount importance when it comes to negotiations. The bottom-line is that communication and public speaking skills are one of the must-have qualities of a criminal immigration lawyer.

People Skills and Compassion

Personable and persuasive – these are also two qualities that make a good criminal immigration lawyer. The standing of the lawyer can reflect on your case. Rudeness or being short-tempered will make your case suffer. Above all, immigration officials prefer to work with lawyers who are reasonable, professional in conduct and show a genuine concern and commitment to their clients.

The ideal criminal immigration lawyer will have years of experience appearing in criminal as well as immigration courthouses. Keep the above points in mind while seeking a criminal immigration lawyer and you will have a good head start on your journey to citizenship in a new country.

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