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Qualities to Look for in a Healthcare Fraud Attorney

Qualities to Look for in a Healthcare Fraud Attorney

The federal, as well as state governments are extremely serious and strict about identifying and punishing those who are accused of being involved in some sort of healthcare fraud. Law enforcement is known to use undercover operations, task forces, and other effective means for uncovering fraud. Anybody right from a physician to a billing organization to a hospital system could be the medical fraud investigation target. There are numerous cases of healthcare fraud every year in the United States and there are many qualified and specialized attorneys who come to your rescue in case you have been accused or convicted of any healthcare fraud. 

As per washingtonpost, the Justice Department has charged over 600 people and that includes 165 physicians, and some other healthcare professionals, for making as much as $2 billion in terms of false billings. This is regarded as the biggest ever medical fraud takedown in the United States. These cases were related to the country’s ongoing crisis regarding drug overdose that killed almost 64.000 people way back in 2016. We understand that almost two-thirds of these drug overdose deaths were triggered by opioids, mainly illicit fentanyl. This was regarded as the ‘deadliest’ drug overdose epidemic in the nation’s history.    

The Role of a Healthcare Fraud Lawyer in a Nutshell

health care fraud attorney is a qualified professional who would be providing comprehensive counsel to comply with both the state and federal regulations and laws existing in the healthcare fraud law sector. The healthcare fraud lawyer would have wide experience in the diverse aspects of healthcare fraud law. These qualified professionals make sure that your organization is being operated in complete compliance with all the existing regulations and laws pertaining to the healthcare industry, accepted business practices, professional standards, and even certain existing internal standards. It is of pivotal importance to understand that a good attorney would be having an intuitive and innate knowledge of the culture and goals of the company.

Attributes of a Good Attorney

Wide Experience in Healthcare Fraud Cases

Healthcare fraud defense attorneys are best if they have sharpened and fine-tuned their legal stratagems over several years of representing clients and gathering invaluable experience in the field. A good healthcare fraud lawyer should have successfully defended his clients against various healthcare fraud lawsuits arising out of false claims, over-prescription, etc. and a host of other claims.

Sound Understanding of the Existing Laws Governing Healthcare Fraud Cases

While you are consulting your attorney initially, he should be providing you detailed and concise responses to all your queries. He must come up with relevant predictions for your specific case based precisely on prevalent federal and state laws and also, the results of past cases. He must have a thorough understanding of all the existing relevant laws and regulations.

Good Reputation

You must choose a healthcare fraud lawyer only after doing a thorough research and meticulous background check. You must choose someone who has a wonderful rating on BBB and numerous great customer reviews online. You may depend on recommendations from your close friends and family. A good lawyer must have a good reputation in the market. Choose someone who is well-qualified, known for winning most of the cases, and who has won many accolades as a healthcare fraud solicitor. He must have a reputation for investigating all his cases meticulously. He must be representing his clients sincerely and tenaciously. 

A healthcare fraud lawyer must be highly-principled and ethical. He must be fair and must not jump to conclusions without scrutinizing all the facts. He must be modest and fair. He must be intelligent and proactive. 

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