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Questions to Ask if You Are Considering Hiring a Social Media Agency

Questions to Ask if You Are Considering Hiring a Social Media Agency






We all know the power of social media, and you will wan to take advantage of the exposure it will give you, regardless of whether you are an entrepreneur or not. However, social media use and possibilities are broad; so unless you have a dedicated agency to take care of it, you risk losing a lot of time and resources to advertise your brand.

However, you also do not want to be stuck with an agency that fails to achieve your objectives, which makes the process of choosing a social media agency very important. If you go ahead with wrong agencies, you will waste many opportunities and money. If you are considering taking the plunge, read on to find out some important questions you should answer.

Are they making an effort to learn the objectives of your business?

If an agency is serious enough, they will go past the need of imposing their own objectives, and doing their best to learn and understand your objectives, so that they customize it as much as possible. Every business is different, so what works for one business may not work for another – even if they are in the same industry and environments.

Most agency representatives tend to speak about the generic processes their company utilizes for all businesses, so avoid them when you can. If the agency wants to give you services without considering your input thatalone is a major red flag. They should be willing to know what you have in mind, and they can do this through business assessments, surveys and questionnaires, as well as other methods that can gather the right information. 







Find out how the agency presents themselves

You need to pay very close attention to what the company advertises themselves as, because some will say they concentrate on digital marketing, other video and email marketing, and other content marketing, and so on.

A digital marketing company is one that is more comprehensive, as it has all of these functions within its description. Companies that identify themselves as social media companies will be likely skilled within the realm of social media, instead of incorporating other functions.

Content marketing companies on the other hand, will put blogging at their focus, so that means social media is not much more than an outlet for their blog posts. They will emphasize more on the content you will put out, so if you are looking for pure social media boosts, you are better off not choosing them – this is also because they will not have a game plan you can use to maximize social media, so you cannot build long-term engagement (unless you want to reach people through blog posts, of course).

If you want a company that manages your social media effectively, you then need to consider companies that specialize in social media, as they have more experience in the field to create proper strategies.

Whether their strategies have worked for other businesses and brands

If you are considering hiring a social media company, it pays to choose one with experience – so you can ask them for some case studies they have done. You can check the campaigns on social media they have handled, and the clients that have worked with them. If they are not willing or able to give you such data, that already spells a red flag.

When they give you this information, study the results and see if they mean anything to you. In addition, you should also check whether these results align closely with your business objectives. If they have similar successes, then that is the company to go for. 

How they will measure the progress your brand is making on social media

If there is anything that is a hindrance to proper progress, it is not setting clear goals. The company you are hiring should be able to tell you what their objective benchmarks are, and you should also be able to define their performance based on certain metrics.

For instance, you should consider the engagement on social media (comments, shares and likes), the social media reach, growth on the platforms you are on, traffic leading to your website, and new leads that you are generating. If the company gives you these metrics and you do not understand them fully, then it is better to stay away.











Do they have the necessary experience?

It is important to remember that when you are dealing with agencies that give you these types of services, you should pick those that have the necessary experience – this is because they will give you what you are looking for. If they lack experience in your industry, then you can ask them if they have worked with similar types of businesses.

For instance, if you are pushing a product for online buying and the agency has not worked with that specific product, then you can ask them if they have marketed any products online and gotten results. You also need to ask what the results were in order to decide if they are the right company. The more experience they have, the better they will be able to handle your product.

The strategic direction they will give

The benefits of working with a company that knows how to execute their strategies are numerous, as thy can help you to create a strategy that works for your business. The company you hire should decide on the strategy you will work with, the modification of that plan, and its execution.

You should also consider what the company will do if their strategy does not work out – because it can happen. Will they go back to the drawing board with you or will they leave the deal? Since you might not have the necessary experience with social media, you need a company that can advise you accordingly and help you find solutions when positive results fail to materialize.


It is not easy to find a proper agency that can handle the demands of social media branding, but when you do, it works very well. You can consider the Six inches Pvt Ltd which one of the best  social media agency in Mumbai as an example of positive expertise in the field, as their strategies have proven to


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