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Quick Guide to Affiliation Marketing

Quick Guide to Affiliation Marketing

There are millions of different blogs and websites available online covering a huge range of topics. Many of these websites will be making money based on affiliation marketing but what is it and how does it work?

There are plenty of options when it comes to affiliation marketing but three of the most popular are gambling, software and Amazon. We have already given an example of how gambling affiliation marketing can be done. However, there are other types of websites which can be used for gambling affiliation marketing such as reviews of bookmakers and casinos or reviews of casino games. Some websites will search for and promote the latest top casino bonuses and this is a good way to get people’s attention. Everyone likes to receive promotions and bonuses and this will entice people to click on affiliate links.

Affiliation marketing is a method of promoting services or products of a company and earning a commission when somebody purchases the service or product. Think of it like a salesperson working in a car dealership. Every time they sell a car, they earn a commission on the sale and this is exactly how affiliation marketing works.

For example, if someone is running a sports betting website where they are offering tips for football matches, this would be a good opportunity for affiliate marketing. Many of the leading online bookmakers such as Bet365, Ladbrokes, William Hill and Betfair have affiliate programs. In fact, many have their own dedicated affiliate websites and it is possible to log in and check all your statistics.

When someone clicks on the link you have placed on your website for a betting company, they join and make a bet, you will earn a commission. It is as simple as that.

To begin affiliate marketing, you do not need a great deal of technical knowledge. Most of the work is done behind the scenes but the overall process is very simple. Once you have found an affiliate program you would like to join you can sign up and if your website content is deemed appropriate, you will be accepted onto the program. You will find several different links you can use to promote the products of the company usually in addition to banners you can place on your website.

Each of these links and banners will have a code that is unique to you. Every time someone clicks on it and makes a purchase on the website you will earn a commission. Cookies are used to track where the new customer has come from and even if they do not make a purchase immediately, the cookies can last for a short period of time afterwards. Therefore, if they return to the product page and make a purchase you will still earn a commission.

The merchant will have a structured payment schedule and any commission you have earned over the specified time will be paid to you.

In terms of Amazon, there are many options available as the website sells millions of products across a wide range of categories such as electronics, clothing, video games, dvd’s, books and food. If you can get the traffic to your website, affiliation marketing is a great way to make money.


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