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Quick Ways to Help Eliminate Exam Stress

Quick Ways to Help Eliminate Exam Stress

School can be frustrating in many ways. But, while writing essays and attending classes can be overwhelming, the exam sessions bring whole new levels of stress for students. Very often, this stress can affect how well you perform during your exams and drastically hinder your academic performance. 

Before we teach you how to eliminate this stress and perform at your best, you need to handle the rest of the things that make you frustrated. As a student, you can always hire a writer to do your assignment, especially in times when you need to study for exams. In fact, some of the best essay writers nowadays offer affordable academic help for a custom write. Moreover, teachers tend to relieve students from attending classes while they prepare for the big exams. So, what’s left for you is the exam preparation and actual examination process. 

Exam Stress and Students

Exam stress can affect you in many ways. For some students, going through exam sessions is a breeze and they aren’t stressed at all while answering questions or waiting for the results. But for most, exams are excruciating and torturous. We are talking heart palpitations, sleepless nights, and sweaty palms during exams. 

To help you with this, we offer you a very useful and completely free guide on eliminating exam stress. 

1.  Take Breaks

Breaks are very important during any kind of work, especially when you’re under so much pressure as during an exam session. Your brain and body need relaxation so, whenever you feel tired or feel like your focus is abandoning you, it is time for a break. 

Many students avoid taking breaks because they fear they’ll miss a deadline, lose focus, or not learn the entire material in time. Yes, taking lengthy breaks and procrastinating is a bad idea, but unless you rest your brain, you  won’t be able to memorize or focus, after all. 

Short breaks can do a lot for your knowledge. Take a 10 or 20-minute break to refuel and relax and get back to the books once you are refreshed. This might take a bit of your study time, but it will actually help you learn more effectively once you get back to it.

2.  Go Outside

Most students don’t exit their homes when exam sessions are approaching. Thinking that you’re better spending all your time at home before an important exam session is wrong. Yes, you have to spend a lot of time studying and preparing for the session if you want to pass all exams, but unless you want to go crazy, you need to go outside every once in a while. 

Since you’ll be taking breaks anyway, don’t spend them at home. Take a stroll around the block, spend some time at the gym, or grab a coffee with your friends. This should do wonders for your mood and help you reduce that exam stress. 

3.  Take a Long Shower 

Plenty of shower hacks can help people who feel stress, so why not test this theory during exam time? You can turn the music on and jam a bit, light up some candles next to a hot tub and take your mind off things, or use essential oils as your own homemade aromatherapy. 

4.  Drink Some Tea

Some drinks are known to soothe a person’s soul, and tea is one of them. To your benefit, it is also a healthy drink that comes in many tastes. So, whenever you feel stressed over the exams, toss those books aside, make yourself some tea, and drink it in silence.  The tea is a popular natural remedy for anxiety and stress.

5.  Avoid Your Peers

This might sound terrible, but it’s actually a good strategy. You’ll probably need your friends to help you with exams but, unless you are having a study session, avoid your peers before exam time. A stressed friend can easily spread their anxiety around. When you constantly hear a person complaining about the exams and sharing their fears and frustrations, you can easily get scared and anxious yourself. 

6.  Make Your Own Food

Cooking or baking your own food will take some of the stress away, but it will also make you anticipate a tasty meal you’ve prepared for yourself. Try to cook something healthy, preferably brain food that will keep you active during those long study sessions. 

Have you tried any of these anti-stress tricks during your study sessions? If you haven’t, it is time to test them now. Exam stress is very common in the life of a student, which doesn’t only affect your performance and grades, but can also affect your health and well-being. Don’t let exam stress take over you and ruin your chances at being an excellent student. By using some tips for distraction and relaxation, you can go through this period in a breeze, just like those rare, ‘brave’ students you envy do.


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