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Ram Duriseti predicts the future of virtual clinic after the pandemic

Ram Duriseti predicts the future of virtual clinic after the pandemic

In the present pandemic situation where the role of doctors and clinics have become of paramount importance, the emergence of a virtual clinic is a new phenomenon. People are more comfortable with face to face interactions with a doctor to discuss their problems. However, the virtual platform has opened new avenues of communication between the patient and the doctor. It is in this scenario that Ram Duriseti attempts to predict the future of virtual medical assistance after the pandemic situation.

Ram Duriseti analyses the pros and cons of virtual clinics

The virtual clinic is a recent invention of the social media platform that is soaring high around the globe. These types of clinics have reduced the distance between doctors and patients. With an increase in the numbers of COVID-19 patients, doctors are unable to attend to their daily outdoor patients. Many of them have started to address their patients’ needs via virtual means. They have set up clinics where patients can make appointments and connect to their doctors when needed. 

Virtual offices also reduce the waiting time of contact with a healthcare professional between different dates. There is an allotment of a particular time slot to help organize the virtual meetings. After fixing an appointment, you get a notification to discuss problems with the doctor within a specified time frame.

Virtual clinics have become beneficial for those who previously had to cover a long distance for medical help. Since the internet has reached every nook and cranny of the world, it has enabled people to easily connect. Many therapies do not require the patients’ physical presence, so virtual clinics can treat them appropriately. You can even get treatments for psychological counseling through talking sessions via these clinics. Counseling patients suffering from mental distress during the pandemic situation can also be done through this medium of consultation.

Drawbacks of virtual medical assistance

Virtual clinics also have a few disadvantages that may cause patients to keep away from it. These clinics make it difficult for the doctor to diagnose the disease of the patient physically. Lack of physical proximity also develops loops in the treatment process. Since these meetings are wholly dependent on verbal communication, problems can be created where patients are unable to communicate their thoughts accurately and end up suffering in the long run.

Future of virtual clinics

Although these clinics are a recent innovation from the pandemic situation, they won’t die out soon. They have a future even after the pandemic is over. Doctors can make use of these mediums in the future to reach out to patients across the globe. Also, patients who live far away from clinics can utilize them for treatment.

Medical experts should use this platform appropriately to make the best of it. Doctors can work on time-slots specifically allotted to virtual clinics apart from their time scheduled for outdoor patients. If planned adequately, this pandemic innovation can run long term, revolutionizing the healthcare sector. 

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