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Ram Duriseti throws light on essential lifestyle habits to promote wellness

Ram Duriseti throws light on essential lifestyle habits to promote wellness

Healthy lifestyle habits are the key to both the physical and mental wellbeing of people. Many people cannot achieve the goals they set for themselves, only because they lack healthy lifestyle habits. Ram Duriseti elaborates on the importance of healthy habits that can cater to your physical needs during the outbreak of a pandemic. 

What exactly are habits? Habits are acquired behavior patterns that you follow regularly when then becomes a part of your daily routine. These practices are powerful, as they happen subconsciously and become a part of your daily activity.

Ram Duriseti provides guidelines to foster healthy habits

healthy lifestyle habit does not only relate to your physical wellbeing but relates to your mental wellbeing as well. Though habits take time to develop, they are well worth the effort, as your quality of life is mostly dependent on nurturing good habits. You should follow the following steps to keep in the best shape during the COVID situation.

  • First and foremost, you should have a positive approach in life. Self-motivation is the best motivation. You should develop a substantial purpose in life to help motivate yourself when you are feeling low. This can help you achieve your goals and develop an action plan. You will be able to assess a path that leads you towards your goals. By hoping your ideas work out as well as working towards your goals, you are building a proactive approach towards life. Fostering healthy habits is essential to overcome tough situations such as COVID.
  • You have to analyze what you want from life to develop healthy habits to support it. To cut down on the factor of time, you should plan. To have a high-quality life, you need to first decide what outcomes you want. Always recognize where you are at the moment and where you want to be in the future. Plan so you can reach your goals. If you want to improve your health, developing habits that are related to this can help you. You should have routine sleep patterns, drink lots of water, and eat healthy foods, along with regular exercise to help you achieve good health. 
  • You should qualify your objects and experiences accordingly. If you are thinking about running, consider things you associate with running, a person to accompany you while running, the duration of the run, etc. These are essential aspects that have a lot to do with the development of healthy habits. The goal is to change the emotion associated with the object and experiences tied to the action to develop healthy habits related to them.

Apart from exercising and eating healthy food, you also need to train yourself to think positively about whatever it is you are doing, as a healthy mind has a direct impact on the body. Finding satisfaction in your daily activities is another area that is increasingly being focused on by health practitioners. This can even help you cope during tough times. 


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