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Real Estate Investment Tips in 2019 for Beginners

Real Estate Investment Tips in 2019 for Beginners

If you are looking to enjoy a peaceful future, you should consider investing in a profitable option. Investing well does not only provide you with financial security, but it can also help you retire early. Whether its stocks, real estate, or bonds, deciding which prospect to invest in can be difficult to determine. It is vital that you go with the best option that fits your needs. One of the safest and secure forms of investment in 2019 is real estate, and if you have decided to invest in it, you have made a good decision. You may also want to consider NIRA, which is providing excellent real estate investment opportunities. Here are a few useful tips for you if you have decided to invest in real estate for the first time:

Lay Out Your Goals First

The first and most important thing you need to do is define your investment goals. And, you do not just need to state it, you need to lay it out properly on papaer. This includes, in what year you will be retiring, estimate amount you will need to pay your bills, what’s the max you can spend on real estate, and do you have any other source of retirement income. You should also consider your other long-term plans as well, like college fees for kids or care plans for your parents. Once you have your goals laid out, you will be able to decide wisely how much you can spend, and what investment project is right for you.

Determine Where You Stand Currently

It is vital to determine what your financial status is at present. Even though you may feel like you are mentally prepared for the investment. You still have to make sure that your current financial position allows you to begin this venture. You can start by determining how much on average you are saving every month, and what is the status of your taxes currently. You should also consider meeting with a trusted CPA who can advise you accordingly. Once you have finished the assessment, you can move towards the next stage based on those factors.

Choose the Investment Property You Want to Buy 

You should not boil down your investment strategy to a simple, “I am investing in real estate”. You need to decide what kind of property you would like to invest in. It will depend on your priorities, you can go and buy a single-family house, or you could get three different houses and pay the mortgage on them. You can also consider multiple family houses and condos as well. Which, by the way, are cheaper. It is crucial to pick the option that is best suited for you to reach your financial goals.

Things You Will Need to Do Before Making the Final Decision

To avoid mishaps and mitigate risk in the investment process, here are a few things that you must do before making the final decision:

  • Conduct a proper house inspection to make sure that there is nothing wrong with the house and no expensive repairs will be required after purchasing.
  • You will need a landlord insurance policy as well, which will protect you as an investor or property manager. Set the house rent keeping the cost of insurance in mind.
  • Take out house insurance for your investment properties and well as your place of residence.  This can help you cover the losses in the event of any future accidents.
  • You should also get a property appraisal that will tell you if the property is worth the asking price and the estimated future value of the property.
  • Regularly pay a visit to your property once you have invested in it. You do not want any undesirable activity going on that would jeopardize your investment.


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