Reasons to Move to New Jersey

Reasons to Move to New Jersey

Indeed, the big city life can be challenging, with the constant hustle and bustle of the urban dwellers. If you’re tired of the round-the-clock urban lifestyle or the city life is beginning to wear you down, you want to consider moving to New Jersey. Even movers from Boston to NJ recommend this move. Thanks to the serene atmosphere, the city of New Jersey serves as a great relocation option with many fun activities for everyone. Read on to discover some of the top 10 reasons to move to New Jersey. 

1.   Nature

Here’s a fact, in New Jersey, it’s easy to enjoy nature outdoors. The city comes with various nature-filled attractions that overwhelm you with its tranquil natural beauty. It’s no wonder the city is termed the Garden State. From the thriving numbers of trees, flowers, and plants in places like Greenwood Garden, to the breath-taking natural parks that place like South Mountain Reservation and the Great Swamp Nation Wildlife Reserve offers you, experience a wealth of beautiful natural spaces across the neighborhoods. The state also features some of the best rivers and lakes views and rolling picturesque hilltops filled with some of the tallest and rare trees. 

2.   The Shore & Boardwalks

New Jersey’s coastlines are among the most popular tourist sites in the city. Even the boardwalks on well-known beaches like the Wildwoods, Seaside, and Point Pleasant give you a fairytale-like experience. Walkthrough the beaches on the amazing footpaths and enjoy fun shopping activities all day. If you’re considering a relaxing time during the summer, you want to avoid walking down the shore as it is usually crowded. 

3.   Cuisine

While New Jersey residents are known lovers of Pizza, even more than New York City’s residents, one of the good reasons to move to New Jersey is that you never run out of fresh delectable cuisines in New Jersey. In New Jersey, enjoy heavy doses of authentic bagels and cheesesteaks, even better than those made in Philadelphia. 

However, New Jersey’s signature delicacy, “Port Rolls or Tailor Ham,” made with eggs, cheese, ketchup, salt, pepper, and bagel, will leave you wanting to sleep in the diner. Most Residents believe this specialty delicacy to be heaven that comes in the shape of bread. Whether your food options consist of signature ethnic cuisines or you love the idea of diners, your taste will always be sated across every neighborhood you find yourself in. 

4.   Sport

If sporting activities are your favorite pastime, then New Jersey would be the state you want to be in. There are plenty of games to watch in the local pub. From the major hockey team (the Devils) to the soccer team (the Red Bulls) and the hulks of the football game (the Giants and the Jets), you’re sure to claim a team that will keep your love for sports alive.

5.   Education (public school system)

Not only do you enjoy the delectable cuisines, great outdoor space, and sporting activities, you also get to send your kids to some of the best public schools in the country. In America, New Jersey’s public school system is ranked among the best, as they teach students using advanced curriculums, modules, and teaching materials. With outstanding schools like Princeton High School, Rutgers University, and Rider University, give your kid the best education they deserve. 

6.   You Don’t Have to Pump Your Own Gas

Here’s the good news, not only do you enjoy cheaper gas rates, the state law stipulates a no self-pumping rule. In essence, it is illegal to personally pump your gas. Take a drive down the highway and enjoy the perks of having someone to help refill your gas for you. 

7.   Labor market

When it comes to the job market, employment opportunities are plentiful. Recent statistics show that over 4.5 million residents are currently employed in the state. With major firms like Citigroup, Met Life Insurance, Pfizer, AT & T, Novo Nordisk, Bank of America, Verizon, and Linde America paving the way in the economy, every resident can rest easy, as the employment rate continues to notice a significant increase every year. 

Similarly, major start-up firms, small-scale businesses, and NGOs are making a wave in the labor market today. With over 9 million residents and an abundance of skilled hands, it’s no wonder smaller firms continue to flourish in the state. 

8.   The State Offers a Reciprocal Tax Agreement with PA

Unlike other states, the best part of living in this city is that you enjoy a reciprocal benefit on tax. Ideally, residents all over the United States would have to pay two state taxes for their workplace and the district they live. But, New Jersey offers tax benefits in one state. In essence, you pay little to no state tax since you only have to pay taxes in the district you reside in, rather than in your workplace. With this kind of benefit, residents can save up to 4% of their income meant for tax every year. 

9.   Weather

Looking for good reasons for move to New Jersey? In this city, you get to experience all four seasons of the year. Have you ever witnessed the first snowfall of the winter season? Or the steady cool down of the hot, humid summer into the chilly fall and spring season? No matter the climate you enjoy best, New Jersey offers you the chance to experience the excitements that envelop each season. 

10. Transport connection.

If you’ve stayed in a state with a difficult transportation system, you know that moving from one location to another can be challenging. New Jersey offers a convenient transport connection to all parts of the state. No matter theneighborhood you find yourself in, you’re never far away from the major public transports. Easily take the Garden State Parkway track, or catch the public bus and trains going down the route that leads to your workplace. Even better, the state offers a convenient location for intrastate networks through city skylines like the Trenton-Mercer Airport and the Newark International Airport to whatever destination you aim for. 


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