Reasons Why Custom Coffee Mugs Are The Best Gift To Buy

Reasons Why Custom Coffee Mugs Are The Best Gift To Buy

The tradition of giving gifts has been practiced by many for decades. While some give gifts only during special events and holidays, others are doing it regularly to show their appreciation and gratitude to a person. 

Giving gifts can be a thoughtful idea, but choosing which to give can be a struggle. If you want to save yourself from the stress of picking the perfect gift, give out custom coffee mugs. This gift idea is not only affordable, it can also be unique and memorable. 

Businesses, such as Custom Coffee Mugs: Deneen Pottery, sell different types of custom coffee mugs. Aside from the variety, here are some other reasons why custom coffee mugs are the best gift to buy:

1.     It Comes In A Wide Variety

There will be instances where you’ll have to buy gifts in bulk. During Christmas Eve, for example, you’re expected to give gifts to all of your family members and close friends. And while buying the same exact gift for everyone might be convenient, it doesn’t make your gift memorable. 

Giving the same colored-shirt to all of your friends and family can get dull and boring. What’s there to talk about if everyone in your social circle received the same gift from you? Do you think your sibling will actually get excited in opening a gift from you if they found out that everyone else in the family received the same gift? Custom coffee mugs are the best gifts to buy regardless of the occasion because this product offers variety.

Coffee mugs are used for drinking – everybody gets that – but not all coffee mugs looks the same. Gone are the days when a coffee mug only comes in one shape and is made from ceramic. Today, you can buy custom coffee mugs that have different sizes, shapes, and are made from different materials. 

Here are some ideas to try out:

  • Coffee mug with coaster: Drinking hot beverages can damage some furniture in your home. The solution? Coasters. But instead of buying a separate coaster for the mug, why not buy a mug that has a built-in coaster? 

Several coffee mugs are now designed to allow the cup to float above the surface of a table. If you’re looking for a gift idea that’s both useful and innovative, this is the one.

  • Giant half gallon coffee mugs: There are some people who can’t survive a day without drinking coffee. They need coffee first thing in the morning in order to boost their energy throughout the day. 

If you’re giving a gift to an avid coffee drinker, look for a giant half gallon coffee mug. Yes, a mug this big exists. This type of mug can hold up to 64 ounces of coffee, allowing your recipient to enjoy a steady flow of caffeine for the entire day!

  • Interlocking pair of heart-shaped coffee mug:Items that come in pairs are common today. You’ll be able to buy couple shirts, jewelry, and even shoes. 

If you’re looking for a gift for your favorite couple, consider giving them interlocking pair of shape coffee mugs. These heart-shaped mugs come in pairs and interlock with each other once placed together. 

You can give all of your friends and family mugs, but because of its variety, you can give everyone different kinds of mugs. When your recipients unwrap gifts from you, they’ll be excited about what kind of coffee mug you’ve wrapped for them. 

2.     It Can Be Customized

Regardless of what your recipient’s interests and preferences, you’ll surely find a product that fits the bill in the market. You can simply buy the product, wrap them up, and give it to your recipient. Following this routine will not make your gift special. Anyone can buy the same exact product, so what makes your gift any different? 

If you’re giving a pair of shoes to a birthday celebrant and another guest gives the same pair of shoes, do you think your gift will ever become memorable? How will your gift ever stand out? You don’t have to worry about this if you choose to give a custom coffee mug. As the name suggests, this product can be customized, allowing you to highlight your recipient’s personality and unique style. 

Giving a custom coffee mug is like painting on a blank canvas. You’ll have full control on what details the mug should have and how should it look like afterward. If you’re having a hard time deciding what to include in your custom coffee mugs, the following ideas might help you out:

  • Name:Every adult in the family owns a mug. A parent won’t use the same mug as their teenage child, especially if both are heavy coffee drinkers. 

If you want a fool-proof design for the custom coffee mug you’re going to give, print your recipients’ names in the mug. You can choose to print the name with icons that are associated with the recipient’s interests. For example, if you’re going to give a custom coffee mug to a person who loves gardening, include floral prints or a floral wreath in the mug. If your recipient likes the color pink, print their name with a pink font or pink background. 

  • Dedication:You’ll likely have a lot of things to say to your recipient. Depending on your relationship with the recipient, you might want to thank them for the friendship, for helping you out in accomplishing a certain project, or congratulate them in achieving a milestone at work. 

If you want your recipient to be regularly reminded of the message you have for them, print your dedication on the custom coffee mug you’re going to give them. Choose a unique font and color for the mug to stand out. 

  • Pictures:Custom coffee mugs can’t only be designed with texts. There are now businesses that allow you to print pictures on the mugs. 

Grab some of your recipient’s best photos in their social media profiles and print them in the mug. If you have a picture together, go ahead and use that in the mug, too. Whenever your recipient sees these pictures in the mug, they’ll be reminded of the fun times you had together!

3.     You Can Give More Than Just A Mug

A custom coffee mug is already functional as it is. This mug can be used whenever your recipient wants to drink a Cup of Joe or just about any beverage. Depending on how creative and unique the mug you’re going to give, this item can also serve as a decoration in your recipient’s home (think of Halloween themed mugs that are printed in bats, and shaped as pumpkins). 

But aside from these, do you know that custom coffee mugs also work as a holder for another gift? If you want to take the gift-giving tradition up a notch, use these custom coffee mugs as packaging of another set of gifts. If this doesn’t blow your recipient’s mind, nothing else will.

There are a lot of things that you can put in a custom coffee mug. While some of these ideas can cost money, others are cheap. If you’re having a hard time deciding what to place inside the custom coffee mugs you’re going to give, take note of the following ideas:

  • Mug planters: Some people consider gardening as a stress-reliever. Whenever they’re in their backyard tending their plants, they can forget the stress they had during the day. If your recipient has the same fascination for gardening, give them mug planters. 

You can print flowers in the coffee mug or your recipient’s name and place small plants or succulents inside it. This is a unique gift idea that’ll surely delight a recipient who has a green thumb!

  • Hot chocolate mix:Christmas Eve will always mean spending time in front of the fireplace, cooking S’Mores, and bonding with your friends and family. If your next gift will be given during the holidays, use custom coffee mugs, and give out hot chocolate mix. 

Simply mix all of the ingredients (which can include skim milk powder, caster sugar, cocoa, milk chocolate chips, cinnamon, and marshmallows) into a cellophane bag and tie them with a ribbon. Once the ingredients are secured, place the cellophane bag inside the coffee mug, and you’re good to go. For a more personalized touch, include tags in the ribbon of the cellophane bag. 

  • Mug Candle: As mentioned, custom coffee mugs can be used as decorations in different parts of the house. Your recipient can hang these mugs in their kitchens to add a pop of color or complement their home’s existing theme. But aside from improving the aesthetic value of your recipient’s home, would it be better if these coffee mugs can also help them relax? You can achieve this goal if you give out DIY mug candles. 

You’ll only need mugs, candle wax, string, and fragrance oil for this gift idea. If you know your recipient’s favorite scent, make sure to use that scent in the candle you’ll make. This gift will provide a lot of benefits to your recipient and to their homes, as well. 

4.     It’s A No-Brainer Gift 

The most common gifts anyone can give are apparels. Malls, shopping centers, and boutiques 

will always feature shoes, clothes, skirts, and pants in different styles and designs. Although common and convenient, buying these items as gifts can be stressful. 

This is especially true if you don’t have any idea on your recipient’s fashion sense, size, or style. Buying a branded pair of shoes and finding out that it isn’t the right size for your recipient is one of the last things you want to experience when giving gifts. You’ll also feel frustrated if you bought a pink shirt for your recipient and later realize that they dislike the color or cut. 

Aside from disappointing your recipient, this can also mean a waste of time and money. You’ll be spending a lot of time and money in a gift that your recipient won’t be able to use. When you buy a custom mug gift, you’ll save yourself from wasting any resources and experiencing any of these inconveniences.

Unlike apparels, a custom coffee mug doesn’t come in sizes. A custom coffee mug can be a great gift idea regardless if your recipient is a teen, adult, or senior. Everyone uses a coffee mug in different purposes, so giving this item as a gift will surely earn you brownie points from your recipients. 

Plus, because custom coffee mugs don’t require the size of your recipient, you can buy one as soon as possible. This will save you time from roaming in different malls just to find an item that you think will perfectly fit your recipient. Giving a custom coffee mug will not require a lot of resources from you, but this gift idea will still be loved by your recipient.   

5.     It’s Actually Very Cheap

Most families around the world consider coffee mugs as a staple in their homes. They need coffee mugs for them to fully enjoy their cup of coffee any time of the day. Because of this demand, more and more businesses are now selling custom coffee mugs. This variety allows you 

to buy from a company that offers a price you can actually afford. 

Depending on where you live right now, it’s safe to assume that several shops nearby are offering this product. Even mom and pop shops in your area might be selling this product around the neighborhood. You can even look for suppliers online or ask for recommendations from people you know. 

Because of its affordability, buying custom coffee mugs for all of your family and friends won’t become a burden. As long as you brought a high-quality and durable custom coffee mugs, your gifts will surely make you and all of your recipients happy –you’ll be delighted because you didn’t spend a lot of money to give out memorable gifts and your recipients will be happy because of the gift they received from you. 

Scout For Options

Undeniably, custom coffee mugs are great gift ideas. This product can be purchased almost anywhere, and it allows you to highlight the personality of your recipient. 

If you think a custom coffee mug is something that your recipient will love to receive, start looking for businesses that offer this product. Make sure that you end up buying from a business that provides high-quality custom coffee mugs at a reasonable price.  


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