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Reasons Why You Need Mobile Key in Your Hotel

Reasons Why You Need Mobile Key in Your Hotel

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You’ve probably heard of the mobile hotel check-in option that more and more hotels worldwide have started to offer. It includes contactless check-in, room access, online ordering of food, booking transport, and much more. In this regard, the mobile key hotel is a part of this option.

Over the past few years, the unconventional keys and innovative solutions that hotels have started offering have gained immense popularity and become a preferred option by hotel guests. Among the essential reasons for this is that they enhance the user experience at your hotel.

Additionally, these new technologies do your job and that of your employees easier by giving you the ability to focus on more crucial things, such as addressing each specific need of your guests.

Another important reason for choosing a mobile key hotel is because of the environment – it means that you will be producing fewer plastic cards that are usually used to unlock the door of a hotel room. That is another good marketing strategy, but not only one.

What is a mobile key?

As we have already mentioned, a mobile key is an innovative key that you can use to unlock your hotel room. The only thing you need is your smartphone and a particular app through which you can manage every single thing during your stay. In this case, there is no need to use a physical key.

What is essential to know is that there are two types of systems, Bluetooth and cloud access. In the case of mobile keys, which are Bluetooth-based, your hotel guests will need to download an app that creates an encrypted token. With its help, they check in, unlock their room, and perform other actions such as ordering food, booking transportation, searching for sights, etc.

On the other hand are mobile keys powered by web apps. In this method, you will receive an email to find a link. To be able to unlock your room door or do other things, it will be necessary to open the sent link and press the button in the app. Once you do that, the door should automatically open.

Why choose a mobile key in your hotel?

Hoteliers cite various reasons for choosing to use mobile keys in their hotels. First of all, it facilitates the processes in the hotel and the work of the employees who work there. It reduces your costs and time.

Therefore, you can focus on much more important things such as the needs of your guests, user experience, improving your hotel processes, and much more.

According to several studies, around 80% of hotel guests take advantage of mobile keys and install an app on their phone to check in, log in to their room and do various things during their stay.

Only about 2-5% of users do not want to download the hotel app on their smartphone. So in these cases, Bluetooth systems would be a great choice. We will say that both systems are good, but which one is yours mainly depends on the type of guests.

Moreover, security has always been the key to a business’s success. It applies to hotels as well. Thanks to its technology, mobile keys provide more security to guests and the hotel.

Above all, it would be hard to lose this type of key. It has happened to all of us to lose our hotel room key or have a hard time finding it. Now that mobile keys are in your phone, the risk is minimized.

In conclusion, despite the many advantages of new technologies, it might be better to go for the standard room keys if your guests are not interested in new innovative keys and would not trust you to use them.

But if your guests love technology and are interested in it, then now is the time to offer them a convenient and innovative solution.




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