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Reasons Why You Should Wear Amber Semi-Precious Beads and Jewelry

Reasons Why You Should Wear Amber Semi-Precious Beads and Jewelry

Welcome to the era of designer and beautiful looking accessories and jewelry. And this era has options galore for you. So, if you thought that you only had silver and gold jewelry options to select from, then there’s more for you to opt-in for. In the past few years, crystal gemstones have gained prominence. And one of the stones that most women are attracted to is Amber gemstone. Available in a bright orange transparent tone, Amber has been and still is a popular gem across many cultures. It has been worn as a part of ceremonial jewelry and also used for several religious purposes.

Where to buy amber crystal jewelry?

The beauty of crystal gemstones depends on the authenticity of their natural composition. Even though every crystal undergoes the process of cutting, polishing, and radiation, still it retains a considerable chunk of its natural composition. Hence, it is essential to select your natural gemstone from an expert service provider. You may browse through to know more on amber jewelry types and choose the ones you like best. Also, when you reach out to an expert service provider, you have the chance to get price discounts and a good value for money.

There are many reasons as to why women should opt-in for amber beaded necklaces, pendants and other jewelry accessories. Some of the important ones are listed below:

  1. It looks stylish and royal

Amber gemstone was the most important gemstone used during the Egyptian era. Hence, it is looked upon as a royal crystal stone worn by the royal kings and queens. And this adds to the wearer’s feel-good factor. Also, there’s something unique about Amber stone. Unlike other crystals, amber gets formed from the sap of a tree. Hence, its formation and its extensive use in the Egyptian dynasties give it an element of marvel. Wearing Amber gemstone jewelry is both a feel-good factor as well as style statement today. And the new age designers have designed the best jewelry pieces with it.

  1. Amber has healing properties

Over the years Europeans have been using Baltic Amber to get relief from muscle and joint pain. This gemstone crystal has many other healing properties. It got used across many cultures as a cure to fibromyalgia, chest issues, and throat and ear pain. Wearing Amber was considered to be beneficial for the wearer because the crystal stone beams with positive energy, and attracts health, wellness, and abundance for the wearer.

  1. Amber gemstone jewelry looks unique and distinctive

Most often than not, Amber stone will have an insect motif inside the crystal. An insect usually gets trapped inside the sap formation, which later got solidified. This aspect distinguishes it from most natural gemstones. Also, Amber stone color varies from a rich honey shade to bright yellow, such as Baltic Amber. You can opt-in for a complete Amber bead necklace or tumbled pieces which you can customize into a pendant based on your chosen design.

There are several forms of Amber available online. You can select from the Caribbean green Amber to reconstructed Amber beads. You have plenty of options to choose from. When you are shopping online, you can always compare the price range and select the one that caters to your preference and budget capacity.


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