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Reasons Why Your iPhone 11 Needs A Case

Reasons Why Your iPhone 11 Needs A Case

Amongst the iPhone user fraternity, there are two divisions, those who prefer their phones with cases and those who choose to go case-less. The reasons are far and varied as some people prefer security over status derived from the iPhone sleekness. 

It needs little convincing, however, for the group that prefers having a case on their smartphones. Buying a suit is far cheaper than buying a new phone. After all, nobody knows when their smartphones will take their first plunge, which makes it necessary to be prepared by having a reliable and replaceable iPhone case.

1. Drop protection

Gravity is always stronger. As long as you own a smartphone, you will probably drop it. So how much protection do you need? 

The new iPhone 11 is a tough phone and can survive a few falls, but this is not encouraged. With its modern and sleek design, thin and lightweight, iPhones can be very slippery. With the new models coming with slim and stylish designs, the cases add a grip to avoid accidents.

Even moderate cases still offer your phone protection also though their quality and design may not be appealing its better than leaving your expensive phone to fate. 

2. Cosmetic value  

You might not care for the occasional scratches or amount of hits your smartphone endures, but you might care when you can no longer get clear images because you have damaged the lens. iPhone 11 has a camera lens and flash at the back, making it prone to scratches and damages if left exposed. 

Beyond the cosmetic appeal, your iPhone may also have the function keys damaged, and the hassle of using your smartphone this way is not worth it. 

3. Resale value

Sometimes you may be prompted to sell the phone you have so that you can get the phone you need. You will, therefore, need to preserve the value of your phone to raise more money from its sale and get a better model than the one you have. 

Many people will not buy a phone that appears dented and with scratches no matter how much you try to convince them that it is new. If you are not obsessed with the scratches and little nicks on your phone, some people are. The iPhone 11 case will protect your phone, making it easy to fetch favorable amounts.

4. Unique style

When something is appealing, it does not do so for only one person. The truth about smartphones is that it is common to see people with the same model or brand. In fact, the next time you are in a social gathering make a point of counting the people using the same phone as yours. A stylish case will make you stand out from the crowd. Most cases can be customized to fit your personality. 

5. Variety of cases available 

If you are one for flair, then having one iPhone case is not enough. Some people fancy matching their clothes with the color of their phones. Smartphones have become accessories that compliment ones look and taste in fashion. 

It is common to find people with a color that represents their smartphone. For example, you can have a matching pair of glasses or earrings to match your smartphone. There is virtually no limit to your creativity when you are picking a good case for your phone.

6. Waterproof and dustproof

Smartphones are sensitive to moisture, dust, and shocks. The new iPhone 11 is already waterproof but only for a limited time when exposed to water. Having a good waterproof case can give your phone increased time underwater, especially since iPhone 11 is distinctively capable of taking good underwater photos. 

Some cases extend the time and the depth you spend underwater before your smartphone leaks. The IP8 underwater rated resistance allows a submersion of up to 100 feet in depths and 30 minutes. 

There are new waterproof pouches as well that have advanced the waterproof technology to allow you to make calls, play games, or send text messages and emails while underwater. 

The smartphone trend is inclined to make new phones get even thinner than they already are. This is a compelling reason to get your phone a protection case. 


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