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Reasons Why Your Winery Should Get A Point of Sale

Reasons Why Your Winery Should Get A Point of Sale

Are you running a winery, and do you have the right POS system? Today the retail business is going the digital way, and it’s time to invest in a quality Winery Point of Sale system. If you look around, you will notice that many retail stores are doing away with the traditional registry, which can only process payments and offer simple retail data. However, with technological advancement, different POS systems have been developed for various retail businesses such as restaurants, wine stores, supermarkets, as well as groceries, to mention a few. 

As a wine vendor, it’s always a good idea to have a system that will help you track your business progress as well as improve service delivery. Customers are always in a hurry and expect to be served as quickly as possible once they arrive at your winery.

What are the Winery POS system benefits?

Here are some of the advantages you will enjoy once you install a POS system in your winery;

  1. Improves efficiency 

Have you ever calculated the amount of money you lose when customers are cueing at the registry to make their payments or even when they are waiting for their wine orders to be processed? A good POS system will reduce the time used by your staff to serve your customers and, in the long run, enhance overall sales and profits. On the other hand, customers will always prefer to shop in a winery where they will be served within the shortest time possible. Therefore, a POS system will improve efficiency by processing orders and payments quickly with zero errors. Your employees will be able to see the orders made by customers, the completed, and the pending ones. The delays for completion of orders will be eliminated when you have the right winery POS system. 

  1. Employee management 

Traditionally, winery owners employ people to manage their employees and their schedules. However, with a quality POS system, you will be able to monitor your employees and improve their productivity.  For instance, the Winery POS system produces a receipt with the name of the staff who has served the customers. Therefore, by the end of the day, you will be able to tell the number of orders or sales made by each staff member at your winery. That means, it will be easy to monitor the most hardworking employee and maybe reward him/her for the excellent work which will motivate others also to work hard. In case of a mistake, the winery POS system will show you when the error occurred and which employees were on shift, making it easy to manage the crisis in good time before losses are incurred. The winery POS will also help you in eliminating the rogue employees who try to change wine product prices to steal from you or the customers.

  1. Financial, sales reports and Inventory management 

The best part of having the right POS system in your winery is that it helps you track your sales as well as manage your inventory. A POS system produces sales reports within a specified period of your choice. Anytime you need the sales report; you can always get it through a simple command on the system. On the other hand, a modern winery POS system will always notify you when the stock is going down. Therefore, the cases of some wine products or brands being out of stock will be massively reduced. Some advanced POS systems notify the relevant supplier when an individual brand stock is going down. That means you will not need anyone to make the orders from the supplier or company.

In addition, the winery POS system provides you with a sales report that will help you identify the most and worst-performing products in your store. This report will help in planning and coming up with a new marketing strategy. 

The report will also tell you the times at which sales are high and when they go down. You will, therefore, be able to know which products to stock and when to avoid investing in non-performing products. Besides, the winery POS system will help you in monitoring the business financial status.  You will quickly know when your business is making profits or losses. This ensures that you are always informed about your business position all the time. You can use the financial or sales report to take bank loans to boost your business or even order for more stock and take advantage of the season that people are making more purchases.

  1. Customer Management and engagement 

All customers want to feel valued by your winery and feel to be part of your business. A POS system will help you keep customer records as well as tailor product promotions according to the wines they buy frequently.  The POS system collects data when customers make payments at the registry or when they register for the loyalty points program. On the other hand, the POS system will make it easy for your customers to contact you either through social media or even on mail and get an instant reply from the system. In addition, your staff will easily track customer complaints, compliments, or even inquiries that are yet to be responded to and give them the needed attention. 

The system will also help you in rewarding loyal customers with loyalty points or even tailored discounts when they make buy wines from your store. Some winery POS systems even allow you to categorize your customers into groups depending on their favorite wine brands. The groups also help in developing sales promotions or when you want to reward them with discounts. Besides, the POS system will also play an essential role in implementing different sales promotion strategies. 

All in all, today, it’s not easy to run your retail wine store without the right POS system. The challenges, however, might come when looking for the right Point of Sale system for your winery. But that should not stress you; a majority of the POS System providers have a 30 days money-back guarantee, which allows you to first test the system before using it fully. Furthermore, sometimes you might need to integrate more than one POS system to enjoy all the features you need in your winery.


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