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Reckless Drivers In NYC Could Lose Their Cars: How Vision Zero Is Paving The Way For Safer Roads

Reckless Drivers In NYC Could Lose Their Cars: How Vision Zero Is Paving The Way For Safer Roads

 In 2017, the number of cyclists, pedestrians and motorists killed in road collisions on New York City streets decreased by 7% to 214 and by 28% compared to 2013, when state officials started implementing Vision Zero, according to Reuters. In its latest efforts to prevent road accidents, the City Council passed the Dangerous Vehicle Abatement Law. As part of Vision Zero, this law puts all drivers on notice that if you drive recklessly, you stand to face serious consequences, according to Mayor Bill de Blasio. It is, therefore, essential to understand how the dangerous driving law works and the different initiatives officials have been relying on to enhance road safety.

Execution Of Strict Traffic Laws

 Several laws have been enacted since the execution of Vision Zero, leading to the improvement of data collection and enforcement. Some traffic rules have updated legal codes that strengthen penalties for reckless driving, and others allow transport authorities to reduce speed limits from 30mph to 25mph. The city council’s commitment to protecting cyclists and pedestrian rights is evident in the bill signed recently by New York City’s Mayor. The latest program targets drivers who accumulate five or more red-light violations within 12 months. Such drivers will be required to take a road safety cause or risk losing their vehicles. During the signing of the Dangerous Vehicle Abatement Law, the Mayor said the program would ensure that only the safest drivers remain on the road.

Law Enforcement

 Although critics claim that laws like the Right of Way in the Vision Zero plan are unconstitutional, overall, it has proven effective in improving road safety. Under NYC’s Right of Way Law, drivers receive hefty penalties for hitting pedestrians using crosswalks with a right of way. Nonetheless, there is a likelihood some offenders might escape penalties for failing to yield to a person walking when they have the right of way. For this reason, it is advisable for road crash victims to seek legal representation. Enlisting the services of a personal injury lawyer helps you in defending your rights. With the guidance of an experienced attorney, filing a lawsuit against the at-fault driver becomes easy. Your car accident attorney will negotiate for a fair amount of settlement to cover medical expenses, injuries and other damages caused by negligent driving.

Technology Is Part Of Vision Zero

Apart from enforcing traffic laws, redesigning streets and educating the public, New York City officials are utilizing technology in Vision Zero initiatives for safer roads. Telematics is the most utilized vehicle tech feature due to its data collection and analyzing abilities. The collection of data helps cities maintain road safety in various ways. Telematics monitor location and real-time events like speeding, collision tracking and emergency management, making roads safer.

Under Vision Zero, New York City authorities expect to eliminate traffic fatalities. Though the city is yet to reach zero accidents, residents have witnessed positive results. The number of road crashes has reduced, and the figures are expected to decline as officials continue implementing strict laws.

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