Relation of ED, Diabetes and Heart Diseases

Relation of ED, Diabetes and Heart Diseases

You often find that, when you reach a doctor for treatment of ED, he is mentioning you about diabetes or any heart disease. In fact, they ask you about those for the diagnosis process, but the thing is that you keep on wondering why you were asked about those diseases, while you reached him for the treatment of ED. The question that crops up in your mind is – why you are asked about diabetes or heart diseases? Do they have a connection in between? The one-word answer to your question is – yes, they have connection. But to know what their connection is, you need to get through them in detail. 

To find the connection between the three types of ailment, the thing that you will have to go through is the core ailment cause in each of them. Once you can make out those, you can easily connect the ailments and can also find why doctors do ask you about the same. ED is a very critical situation for men so you have to treat them. Many way available for ED treatment but you have to choose perfect option. You have to see Cenforce 100mg Reviews for best erectile dysfunction treatment.

Diabetes and the main ailment of it 

The main reason for diabetes is the high level of glucose in your blood. More the level of glucose n your blood, sugar level of your blood rises up, and your blood is more solidified. This results in creation of water content more in the blood, and that will increase your urine volume. The declaration of the ailment must have created some more confusions in your mind as you can find no connection of it with Erectile Dysfunction. You will understand it in the end, while we will be connecting all the diseases together. 

Heart disease and its main ailment 

The basic purpose of the heart in our body is to pump and purify the blood that is spread to the veins that will be carrying the blood to the different parts of our body and help the different organs to function properly. The purity of the heart is maintained by not only dissolving the unclear matters in the blood but also by balancing the blood content and readying the RBC. 

Now, when the heart cannot pump the blood as that s solidified, there you experience the heart disease, and that in turn reduces or slows down the functioning of almost all the body organs of yours. Thus the main issue here is not the blood pumping, but the issue is that the heart is not able to pump the blood, as the impurity or the imbalance is more. 

ED and the real cause 

There are different causes of ED, one of which is surely the lack of testosterone in your body. If this is the case, then it is a discreet issue, and there is no connection of it with other ailments. However, researches state that the chance of such is only 5%. The rest 95% is based on the arterial dysfunction. It is the process where blood pressure of your penis is so less that it is not able to make itself erect, even if the stimuli of sensation and supply of testosterone to it is there. 

The connection between the three

When you go through the three ailments, you find one thing is very much common, and that is the blood element. In case of diabetes, it is the solidification of blood, due to the increased glucose content in blood. 

In case of heart diseases, it is the heavy content of the blood that is casing impurity and the impurity s such that the heart is not ready to pump it down. 

The two above things are very much interconnected. You see, glucose level increase makes the blood thicker and solidifies and that restrains the heart to pump it down. Naturally, the blood pressure is reduced, since the blood flow is hampered in each of the cases and that reduced blood pressure stops responses to the sensational stimuli, which are sent to the penis. As a result of the same, your penis won’t experience the pressure and naturally is not erected by any means. 

Causes of the three ailments together

  • The common reason for all the three is anxiety and excess pressure on the nerves. It is the thing that forces diabetes by solidifying the blood with glucose level increase. The same affects the heart and the aftermath of the same is experienced in the form of ED. Hence, anxiety is deemed to be one of the prime reasons for ED development. 
  • There is another common factor that raises the alarm for the three, and that is due to the lack of metabolism. It can be due to low amount of sleep and other things, but indirectly that raises anxiety and problem in metabolism, which indirectly acts in heart diseases and ED too. 
  • The third and the final reason that is responsible for all the three ailments is the food you have. If it contains excess glucose if it is a fatty content and if it supports and generates your obesity, then for sure mean, you are calling your three diseases at the same time, obesity is directly responsible for rising up the glucose content in your body and not only the heart pumping, it will be blocking the veins and the blood vessels of your body, resulting a strong form of ED. 

The above thing indicates one thing for sure to you – you can easily restrict yourself to avoid all the three forms of ailment that you are having at the moment. Just by keeping your anxiety out and by putting yourself under some strong and balanced diet, you can restrict diabetes, the heart diseases and also ED. So it is time to do the needful and stay well. Staying well is entirely in your hands, and you can surely do it, with some little amount of care. IF you want to get more information about ED causes symptoms and treatment? Then redirect here.

You can even get in touch with some doctors or dietician to get the list of the food that you must take. Limit your calorie intake – if this simple thing can protect you in all possible ways, why not to do that? 


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