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Relax or Just Get Crazy on a Hen Party: Hen Party Activities Ideas

Relax or Just Get Crazy on a Hen Party: Hen Party Activities Ideas

Hen parties should be tailored to the tastes and preferences of the future bride. After all, it is all about her. Nevertheless, sometimes it can be quite difficult to think of ideas for activities, which is exactly what this article is here to help you with. Of course, you can always pick a hens party package and have the whole thing planned, but even then you might want to extend the fun by adding a few activities of your own. 

Mr and Mrs Quiz

If your bride likes to be challenged, you can create a quiz about her other half and use it to test her knowledge. Everyone in the group can take turns asking her questions. If the future bride gets the answer wrong, the person asking the question can make her drink a shot.

About the Bride

In this idea, each individual attending the hen party has to write down their favorite memory with the bride. If there are guests who are not very close to the future bride, they can simply write first impressions. It’s important to tell them to not write their name down, so that after everyone has written their bit down, the bride can read them out loud, and then guess who was the author. 

Body Painting

A form of live, sexy art, body painting involves a hunky male model who strips down, allowing the hens to paint his entire body. There are services providing this type of activity, and they usually take place in a private studio. If you’d like something more on a budget, or are simply not comfortable with painting a male model, you can organize a body painting session right at home, and either have the girls paint the future bride, or the bride and the guests paint a volunteer from the party. 

Lingerie Making

Book a class teaching you how to make lingerie. The class can be a lot of fun, especially since you get to walk home with your creation. Plus, if the bride is having a particularly creative day, she may just be able to create the lingerie she’ll be wearing on her special day. 

Belly Dancing Lessons

If you’d like something more physical, then learning how to belly dance may be the right option. Not only is this sort of lesson a hell of a workout, but it’s also quite sexy, and confidence boosting. 

Cake Decorating Class

If the future bride likes to bake, a cake decorating class may be what she needs to level up in this hobby. The entire group will learn how to make memorable decorations that are bound to impress everyone who gets to see, then eat, all their future cupcakes. 

Afternoon Tea

If you’re looking for the ultimate classy idea for the hen party, an afternoon tea may just be the perfect activity. Of course, there won’t be just tea at this event, but something like finger sandwiches, cakes, scones and all kinds of pastries so that the belly will be filled with delicious food. Of course, there should also be a few assortments of tea, so that everyone will be able to find something to their preference. 

Makeup and Makeover Photoshoot

This is the perfect way for the bride and all of her best friends to be pampered like never before. You’ll get a full makeover, including hair cut (or trim, if the bride doesn’t want surprises so close to her special day), along with amazing makeup. When all of this is done, you’ll be ready to step in front of the camera for some wonderful pictures. 

Spa Trip

For a different kind of pampering, you can take all the girls and head to a spa, where you’ll have a great deal of options to choose from. Pick from the variety of massages available, and then spend the rest of the day in the jacuzzi, talking about whatever you all want to. This may be perfect if the bride to be is stressing over a lot of the details of her wedding, and you’d like to give her a well-deserved break from all of that. 

Boat Cruise

Another great idea for a hen party activity has all of you on a boat, exploring the world around your favorite city. Not only will you constantly have beautiful views all around you, but you’ll also be able to enjoy each other’s company over delicious food and some great drinks. 

Use the ideas to create a truly unforgettable hen party that’s in line with what the bride likes, but which is also fun for the other girls. From body painting or belly dancing, to a simple, yet classy afternoon tea and everything this list has got something for everyone. 


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