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Residential Apartment Sales – The Latest For 2018

Residential Apartment Sales – The Latest For 2018

Living in Melbourne, Australia has become costly. It is one of the most rapidly growing economies of the world that is experiencing a 6.8% population growth. Finding work and a place to live are becoming incredibly competitive in the city. According to several national news sources, the apartment costs are reaching the stratosphere. Even with this clamour, there is hope for the new home buyer.

It is human nature to look for a permanent place of residence. In Australia, people still prefer to buy apartments than renting them for life. The upfront costs of the former options may be high, but the gross expense is much lower than renting a home for an extended period. Searching for an apartment in the central city is a lot similar to finding the best items in a garage sale. It all begins with browsing and ends with a great price.

Here are four simple but practical tips that can score you the best during the residential apartment sales in Melbourne in 2018.

  1. The early bird gets the worm

There might be several listings online that show promise, but there are plenty more offline that are not old enough to make it to those listings. You need to be looking at new properties that have not yet attracted the attention of swarms of real estate agents and prospective buyers. Yes, such options do exist. Visit M-City to learn more about your apartment options in Melbourne.

  1. Do your bit of research

You can always approach the property sellers directly and ask for a price, but doing your research on the pros and cons of the place can help you get the best deals available in 2018. You may start with hundreds of possible leads, but you need to narrow them down to the one you like and will purchase.

  1. Hire professional help

Doing property research on your own will be daunting. Once you have shortlisted the possible locations and properties, it is time to give the trusted real estate agent in your area a call. Take active raw leads, arrange for a meet-and-greet with the seller, visit the properties with your agent and start the negotiation process as soon as you can. Delaying can increase the crowd and make the negotiations tougher on your part.

  1. Contact the owners directly

Whether it is a foreclosed property or a project still under development, you need to make a move fast. Research shows that the best results come from contacting the immediate owners of the apartments directly. In Melbourne, residential properties do not remain unoccupied for long. Speaking with the owners can help you bypass brokers and get a better price for the same property.

Your motivation for buying an apartment in the city can be diverse. Irrespective of the intention, you can get the best bargain since the market price does not have to be the last term of negotiation between the owner or the buyer.


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