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Resonate Your Work by Following Thorough Schedule Organization Techniques

Resonate Your Work by Following Thorough Schedule Organization Techniques

Most of the things in our lives can be simplified by one click. However, we are not accustomed to changing and trying to stick to the current methods. However, with Google Calendar, it is easy to sync into your personal as well as professional life without any hassle. 

Easy Scheduling of Meetings 

The Google Calendar offers features, such as suggested times, and finds a time.  In case of suggested times, first, you have to add the people to your event, followed by asking the calendar to indicate time. The application will scrutinize each person’s schedule, including yours, to provide you the suitable timing. On the other hand, find a time lets you see everyone’s free time schedules and gives you the opportunity to select a time slot. 

Be Eveready for Meetings

You do not want to get embarrassed in the middle of a meeting when your boss asks you to read out a referenced document, and you do not have it open on your computer. Hence, the calendar provides a feature in which you can add attachments to the events so that you do not have to search your entire computer for a document. It is a beneficial feature and saves time and hassle.

Knowing the Time Zones

If you have your colleagues working abroad and have frequent meetings, it is wise to add a world clock to your calendar. This will show you the time in the required zones and enable better connectivity. Also, when you are connecting with the clients, little gestures like these will allow them to know that you value them.

Desktop Notifications to Avoid Missing Vital Dates

The calendar application interrupts the current work by signaling about the scheduled timing and work. It completely takes over the screen with a major pop-up alert and the loud alarm. In light of this, you can permit desktop notifications for a gentle sliding on the screen.

Organize Appointment Slots

The appointment slots permit you to free up specific time slots on your schedule and share it with certain people. You can do this by sending a private calendar link. After the opposite party clicks the link, it enables them to schedule meetings with the time slots you provided them with. This task is simple to follow and needs a tap to book a private event. Just by clicking on the calendar, you can select the date from the appointment slots. 

Choose to Share Your Calendar

You can either choose to share your calendar or keep it private. You can provide your colleagues or certain people to edit or make changes to the same. There are two options when it comes to sharing your calendar. The first is to provide individual permissions to specific people to see, edit, and hide details. This works best as it avoids any circumstances of unnecessary changes. Another way is to keep the calendar public to each employee in the company. This is a little risky but depends on the norms of companies.

To sum it up, mentioned below are some short-cut tips that will aid you in understanding and supercharging your work schedule:

  1. Have a thorough look at the scheduled details.
  2. Customization is key to understand the events.
  3. Make use of agenda mode for better rundown through the tasks.
  4. Prioritize your tasks and reduce the visual clutter to keep complications at bay.
  5. Switch from interruptive signals to browser notifications.
  6. Create a shared calendar so that multiple people can simultaneously utilize it.
  7. Add events to the Google Calendar from your mail inbox. 
  8. Share your calendar with colleagues to avoid biased allocations.
  9. Remove schedule pertaining to weekends if you only work on weekdays.
  10. Set up a world clock to your calendar to keep the time related to different zones handy.
  11. Let Google Calendar add the holidays to your schedule, instead of you adding a holiday one by one.
  12. Choose to get email reminders.
  13. If you have colleagues or clientele located in other countries, add the holidays of the respective countries to your schedule.
  14. Make a recurring event list for tasks that you do every week, or every day, and keep it on automatic scheduling.
  15. Let your Google Calendar display on the desktop, converting it to a sleek dashboard.
  16. Evaluate some browser tabs that allow access to the calendar without having to open a new tab.
  17. Do smart work by using short-cuts. You can create an event by just typing into the search bar.
  18. Similarly, save yourself the manual work of syncing the RSVPs into your calendar. Mark the subject lines for automatic syncing.
  19. Be sure to sync your calendar with your operating system. Keep it on to avoid any discrepancies.
  20. Keep the application on your mobile to check the notifications when you are on the go.
  21. If you are busy to type an update, speak by saying Ok Google, and the application will add it for you.
  22. Keep the text notifications on for the times when your internet is down.
  23. You can also opt for phone call reminders for high-priority tasks.
  24. Add a meet link to switch to meetings in just one click.
  25. Make use of the find-a-time feature to show you the availability of your colleagues.
  26. Use external video call applications to link to conference calls and meetings.
  27. Use email guests feature to save time in manually inviting people.
  28. Add essential documents to events so that you will not have to search from the pile of documents later.
  29. If you have the habit of using a to-do list platform, sync the calendar with the application, and you are good to go.
  30. Export and import events from external applications.

Once you are well-versed with the calendar application, you can live a balanced life that is fully sorted. Avoid the extra hours and the hassle and set up the required information to keep the equilibrium going strong. 

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