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Review on MOTI PIIN 2-A Real Juicy Crayon

Review on MOTI PIIN 2-A Real Juicy Crayon


MOTI is a congregated group company dedicated in vaping industry which integrates R&D, manufacture, distribution and retails. MOTI products cover all aspects of vape from parts such as e-liquid, chips and coils to the finish products such as disposable vape, pod kit and advance personal vapes. Today we are going to talk about the popular product MOTI PIIN 2 disposable vape. MOTI PIIN 2 is one of the latest disposable vapes offered by MOTI disposable series, with 2.0mL vape juice pod and 400mAh battery, it reaches around 600 puffs. It has simple and clean design with vibrant mouthpiece color. 

What’s more, there are 10 vigorous flavors to choose from, Cotton Cream, Rich Tobacco, Green Lime, Chill Apple, Blue Bubblegum, Lemon Tart, Lush Ice, Pink Berry, Cool Mint, Tropical Storm. Whether you want to mimic the smoking taste or want to try some candy flavor, MOTI PIIN 2 gets you covered.


Puffs: 600

Nicotine: 2%

Capacity: 2.0mL

Battery: 400mAh

Wattage: 8.5W

Resistance: 1.6Ω

Product Size: H91*D14mm

Material: Stainless Steel + PC

Ingredients: Vegetable Glycerin, Propylene Glycol, Nicotine Salt, Artificial and Natural Flavorings

Inhale activated

MTL(mouth to lung) vaping

Compact and pocket-friendly


MOTI PIIN 2 is a compact disposable vape and the size is as big as a lip balm or a crayon which you can easily put it into your jeans pocket. Each of the MOTI PIIN 2 disposable vape is colored differently, which helps keep your favorites easily distinguishable from the others. Additionally, each flavor tag is printed on the bottom of the device. Including the name of the flavors on the device is a small thing, but very helpful. MOTI PIIN 2 has a white cylinder body and a flat duck-mouthpiece, you can find the air hole and light indicator on the bottom of the device. Anyway, the vibrant combo colors that MOTI PIIN 2 offers surely made my day.



MOTI PIIN 2 is extremely simple to use even if you are the first time vaping. It’s powered by a 400mAh battery and provides nearly 600 puffs in the 2ml vape juice tank, the coil resistance is 1.6Ω which means it’s an MTL vaping device and it has similar tight inhaling experience as smoking. Or let’s put it in this way(consumption rate), one MOTI PIIN 2 approximately equals to 3 packs of traditional cigarettes. Though it’s small as a lip balm, MOTI PIIN 2 is capable of producing considerable cloud in the air. Of course MOTI PIIN 2 is inhale activated, just simply inhale to vape and you can find the bottom light turns on when you take a puff. 20mg nicotine strength of the vape juice is certainly smooth while strong enough to satisfy most vapers’ nicotine cravings. MOTI PIIN 2 is a qualified ENDS as a disposable vape.


There are 10 flavors offered by MOTI PIIN 2, it is not quiet easy to say which flavor is best because everyone gets a different taste buds and preference. But for disposable vapes flavors in general, MOTI PIIN 2 is one of the best I’ve tried in a long while. Also, the obvious amount of flavor options makes it easy to come back for more. There’s truly something for almost every taste and I would like to say something about the following flavors:

Lush Ice: Lush Ice is lightly sweet accompanied with a bit of delicious watermelon flavor, and refreshing menthol. The juicy watermelon takes center stage, filling your mouth with tasty and succulent notes, before the menthol lingers in your mouth, leaving a delicious aftertaste and fragrant watermelon aroma. 

Pink Berry: Pink Berry flavour features the sweet, fruity taste of berries with added notes of tangy citrus, bringing you with the pink vaping experience, joyful and sweet. The flavor of Pink Berry stimulates appetites because of its sweet&sour feature, so if you are a berry lover, you won’t miss it.

Lemon Tart: The particular fragrant aroma and tangy sweet taste of lemon tart are attractive, a creamy and sweet dessert taste is mixed with lemon, this flavor is perfect for those who likes desserts, smooth and moreish.

Green Lime: As the saying goes, “You don’t know what you’ve got ’til it’s gone,” and that was certainly the case with green-lime-flavored vapes. The energetic and succulent green lime offers a refreshing sour and mild fragrant fruity aroma, now pick the bar and take a puff to experience the delicious flavor that green lime brings.

Cool Mint: Cool Mint is made with simple ingredients with a strong mint taste, just like an invisible spear softly hitting right on your throat yet with a little bit of sweetness, definitely a powerful refreshing good helper, giving you a refreshing and cooling feeling with every vape.


Pros / Cons

+Long-lasting battery

+Simple draw activation

+10 flavors to choose from

+Ergonomic mouthpiece makes it easy to take a draw

+Flavors identified on the bottom of the device

+Good vapor

+Big 600 puffs in a lip balm sized device

+Smooth throat hit

+Compact and easy for daily carry

-Certain flavors are so blurry that you can hardly tell the flavor

-Only 20mg nicotine strength available

MOTI PIIN 2 is small yet powerful, which delivers strong flavor and smooth throat hit, giving you a satisfying experience all day. It’s a perfect disposable ENDS device for smokers who want to make a switch, it’s also suitable for vapers as backups because it’s slim and compact enough to put in your pocket so that you can take it whenever you want take a puff. Find your motivation and choose a flavor from MOTI PIIN 2 to unlock a new convenient way of vaping. 


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