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Rudn Enclave Rawalpindi

Rudn Enclave Rawalpindi

Rudn Enclave, a Newly Started Housing Scheme, is located in Rawalpindi. It is a project that aims to be a landmark in contemporary architecture and a service-oriented one. It is committed to providing world-class amenities and luxuries to its residents by utilizing national and international expertise. Rudn Enclave (Pvt) is a proud RMRSCO (Pvt) project. A large area of the society is also located near Dam Khalsa, a natural water body. This place will provide all the essential needs of human life.

By joining forces with National Engineering Services Pakistan (NESPAK), the developers have created a new dimension within the real estate industry. Two prestigious entities signed the consultancy agreement on January 1, 2020.

Developers have as their primary goal is to create a residential paradise in Rawalpindi that is affordable and addresses the rapid growth of the Pakistani population. Society is filled with luxurious amenities and modern facilities.

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Rudn Enclave Owner and Developers:

Rudn Enclave is proudly developed by RMRSCO (Pvt). Ltd is located in the vicinity of Rawalpindi. Rahim-Ud-Din Naeem, the company’s CEO, has one goal: to be a center for excellence in architecture and customer-oriented project development.

The highly qualified and professional engineers apply their national and international expertise. This is all to bring international standards, luxuries, amenities, and services to Pakistan.

RMRSCO is a group of highly qualified engineers, project managers, and professionals with technical knowledge. It also includes managers, management staff, and consultants. The firm has the latest and most efficient construction equipment, allowing it to develop projects without compromising quality efficiently.

RMRSCO is a well-known company and one of the top five developers in Pakistan. It was established in 2017 under company number 0108998. Its registered office is at Plaza # 85, Wallayat Complex in Bahria Town Phase 7, Rawalpindi, Punjab.

RUDN Enclave Private Ltd. Ltd. is a sister firm to RMRSCO. RUDN Security Service provides security services for the residents. This unique company is the perfect combination of Man and Machine.

Rudn Enclave was developed by a developer who used all modern, globally applicable urban planning techniques. This company is known for its strict quality control standards. RMRSCO provides many construction-related services, including design, development, engineering, and town planning.

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Rudn Enclave NOC:

Rudn Enclave’s developer has already applied for the necessary approval of NOC (Nomination of Conformity) from theRawalpindi Development Authority (RDA). The response from investors has been overwhelming even at this early stage. The Enclave is expected to soon acquire the NOC of RDA within the next few months.

It takes time to get the NOC approval because a dozen approvals are required. These approvals may include Gas, Electricity, Water, and Land Transfer/Ownership. All of these approvals must be obtained from the relevant departments. The entire process can take several months.

Rudn Enclave Location:

Rudn Enclave is located at Adiala Road in Rawalpindi. It is located close to the M2 Islamabad–Lahore Motorway and New Islamabad International Airport.

Chakri Road and Chakri Interchange are also available to society. It also has the Jarrar Camp. Access to the society will be possible from three entrances on Adyala Road and one from Chakri Road. It is only 9.8km from the Islamabad farmhouse.

It is also close to the CPEC route and an industrial-commercial zone. Society overlooks the natural water source Khalsa Dam & java Dam. Bahria Town Phase-8 is very close to society.

It is centrally located to access the nearest locations like the Motorway, which is just minutes from Saddar Rawalpindi or Rawat. Only a few minutes away is the new airport.

Rudn Enclave Accessibilities:

Rudn Enclave can be reached from Adiala Road Rawalpindi & soon, Chakri Road close to Al-Haram City & Hope SO, and from Rawalpindi Ring Road (RRR).

Rudn Enclave Nearby Landmarks and Places:

Here are some nearby places and famous spots in this society:

  • Near Bahria Town 8
  • Jarrar Camp
  • Khasala Dam
  • Jawa Dam


Rudn Enclave Master Plan:

RMRSCO Pvt. is the principal owner and developer of this state-of-the-art society. NESPAK has awarded a consultancy contract to the management over two years.

The NESAPAK has provided all the required consultancy it has gained from developing well-known realty projects across Pakistan and other countries over the years. The agreement was signed for 10,000 Kanal on January 1, 2020.

The owner claims that it is a large housing society and that he plans to develop it above 14,000 Kanal. This would be a premium land area. Additional land may be purchased for value enhancement.

Rudn Enclave Blocks:

This is a new residential community that will offer luxurious plots on which you can develop commercial and residential properties. Property could be purchased at very affordable rates. To better manage society, it is divided into these Blocks. They offer different sizes and features for different plots.

Rudn Enclave Residential Plots:

These are the dimensions of residential plots:

  • 5 Marla
  • 7 Marla
  • 10 Marla
  • 1 Kanal

Rudn Enclave Farm Houses:

Below are the sizes of Farm Houses:

  • 4 Kanal
  • 8 Kanal

Rudn Enclave General Block:

Block A through Block G makes up the General Blocks category. Blocks C, G, and A are reserved for residential plots. While Blocks D, E, and F are reserved for Farmhouses. The General Blocks are what you will encounter when you first enter society.

These Blocks will be located closest to the Rawalpindi Ring road. The Ring Road alignment process has caused a temporary delay in the development of these Blocks. However, it will not affect the work for a long time. It will soon resume total capacity.

Rudn Enclave Executive Block:

The Executive Block has been launched on Adiala Road. It runs from Adiala Road to the Jawa Dam. Through an internal 200ft., it will connect to the General Block or Ring Road. Both areas will be connected by the main boulevard of approximately 200 feet.

Executive Clock is the role model block of this society. It will have commercial plots between 4 and 8 Marla and plots with 7, 10, and 1 Kanal values. Because of its high-end amenities, this Block will stand out from all the others. These facilities are why larger plots and 5 Marla plots were included.

Each block will be unique and stand out from the others. 40 feet are the width of streets, and 60% is reserved for the amenities and facilities such as parks, sporting facilities, etc.

Rudn Enclave Payment Prices:

The market trends for real estate properties may cause prices and payment plans to change. The final decision by the Owners is another factor that could cause such changes.

Each sector has its own set of luxuries and facilities. This is why plot prices can vary between sectors and sizes. Rudn Enclave Offers Affordable Plots in Rawalpindi and Islamabad Area.


  • Prices and payments plans are subject to change without notice
  • Installments must be made by the 1st day of each month
  • Prices do not include development fees
  • Cheque/Pay order/DD must be made payable to (Rudn Enclave)

The following are the payment options for General Blocks and Executive Blocks.

Rudn Enclave General Block Payment Plan:

The 5 Marla residential plots in General Block are available for Rs. 12 Lacs, with a 15% booking fee of 1 Lac and 80 000 rupees. Confirmation costs 5% of 60 000 rupees. Each cost is 17 thousand rupees and 5 hundred rupees. At possession, 10% of cost equal to 1 Lac or 20thousand Rupees must be paid.

Only Rs. 15 Lacs, with a booking cost of 2 lacs and 25 000 rupees. Confirmation costs 5% of 75 000 rupees. Each cost is divided into 48 installments at 21 thousand, 8100, and 75 rupees. 10% of the cost, equal to 1 Lac or 50 000 rupees, must be paid at possession.

There are 10 Marla residential plots available at a total cost of 21 Lacs, 65 thousand and a booking cost of 15% of 3 Lacs and 24 000 rupees. Confirmation costs 5% of 1 lac, 8 thousand and 250 rupees. Each cost is 31 thousand rupees and 573 hundred rupees. 10% of the cost, which amounts to 2 Lacs, 16 thousand, and 500 rupees, must be paid at possession.

There is also 1 Kanal residential plot available at a total cost of 35 Lacs. 28 thousand rupees. A 15% booking cost of 5 lacs, 29 000, and 200 rupees is required. Confirmation costs 5% of 1 lac, 76 000, and 400 rupees. Each cost is 51, 40000, 50 and 50 rupees respectively. At possession, 10% of the cost, which amounts to 3 Lacs 52 Thousand and 800 Rupees, must be paid.

There are 4 Marla commercial plots available at a total cost of 26 lacs and 40 thousand rupees. A 15% booking cost of 3 lacs, 96 000 rupees is also possible. Confirmation costs 5% of 1 lac, 32 000 rupees. Each cost is 38 thousand rupees and 500 hundred rupees. 10% of the cost, which amounts to 2 Lacs, 64 000 rupees, must be paid at possession.

You can also purchase 8 Marla commercial plots at a total price of 45 Lacs rupees. There is a 15% booking fee of 6 Lacs and 75 000 rupees. Confirmation costs 5% of 2 lacs and 25 thousand rupees. Each cost is 65, 600, or 25 rupees. 10% of the cost, which amounts to 4 Lacs and 50 000 rupees, must be paid at possession.

Commercial plots in 1 Kanal are also available at 1 Crore and 5 Lacs Rupees. There is a 15% booking fee of 22 Lacs and 50 Thousand rupees. Confirmation costs 5% of 7 lacs and 50 000 rupees. Each cost is offered in 48 installments at 2 lacs, 18 thousand rupees, 700 hundred, and 50 rupees. 10% of the 15 Lac cost must be paid upon possession.

Rudn Executive Block Payment Plan:

You can also purchase 4 Kanal Farmhouse plots at a total price of 98 lacs rupees. There is a 15% booking fee of 13 Lacs and 80 000 rupees. Confirmation costs 5% of 4 lacs and 60 000 rupees. Each cost is offered in 48 installments at 2 lacs, 18 thousand rupees, 700 hundred, 50 rupees and 50 rupees. 10% of the 15 Lac cost must be paid upon possession.

You must pay 15% at booking and 5% at confirmation. 10% must be paid upon possession. 8 Kanal farmhouse is priced at PKR 16,000,000. It has 48 monthly installments of approximately PKR 233,333.

Please Note

  • All Old Bookings Files are 20 % or 20 % plus Paid & Will be On Profit Or Premium Due To Od Booking Amount

There are 7 Marla residential plots available at a total cost of 22 lacs and 50 000 rupees. A 20% booking fee of 4 lacs and 50 000 rupees is also required. 10% of the cost, which amounts to 2 Lac and 25 000 rupees, must be paid at possession.

You can also purchase 10 Marla residential plots for 29 Lacs rupees. There is a 20% booking fee of 5 Lacs, 80 000 rupees. Each installment costs 42 thousand 291 rupees. 10% of the cost, which amounts to 2 Lacs, 90 000 rupees, must be paid at possession.

You can also purchase residential plots in 1 Kanal for 49 Lacs Rupees. There is a 20% booking fee of 9 Lacs and an additional cost of 80 thousand rupees. Each cost is 71, 4100, and 59 rupees. 10% of the total cost, which amounts to 4 Lacs and 90 000 rupees, must be paid at possession.

You can also purchase 4 commercial Marla plots for 48 Lacs rupees. There is a 20% booking fee of 9 Lacs and 60 Thousand rupees. Each installment costs 70 thousand rupees. 10% of the total cost, which amounts to 4 Lacs and 82,000 rupees, must be paid at possession.

You can also purchase 8 commercial Marla plots for a total of 84 lacs rupees. There is a 20% booking fee of 16 Lacs and 80 000 rupees. Each cost is 1 Lac, 22 Thousand, or 5 Hundred rupees. 10% of the 8 Lacs and Rs. 40,000 cost must be paid at possession.

Rudn Enclave Facilities & Amenities:

Rudn Enclave, a planned residential community, offers all modern facilities and highly efficient mechanisms. This is a rare example of Pakistan’s high-end luxury facilities. The secure community in Pakistan is a blessing for all those living in twin cities.

The dedication and hard work of respected developers provide all the facilities. Engineers work tirelessly to realize their potential. This is a way for families to have a luxurious, cost-efficient life. Here are some examples of luxurious facilities available:

Jamia Mosque:

Society will provide all the necessities of residents, including religious needs. To fulfill the spiritual needs of the residents, the developers built a stunning main Jamia mosque.

Secure Community:

For a real estate society to thrive, there must be a sense of security. A gated community provides security. A security system offers all-inclusive security that includes perfectly installed CCTV cameras 24/7 and other surveillance equipment.

To provide high levels of safety, society will be enclosed by a foolproof wall.

Wide Carpeted Road:

Roads and other infrastructure are designed with professionalism and the best equipment to achieve perfect development. The streets and main boulevard are large enough to give off a stunning look.

Public Parks:

Developers have ensured that residents enjoy a comfortable life and a close relationship with the natural world. This is why public recreational parks were carefully designed. These parks will allow families, especially children, to enjoy their time and lead a healthy and happy lifestyle.

Community Clubs:

Residents can use the society’s community center to host events and engage in social activities. This is a great activity that residents can enjoy. The society will allow residents to interact with one another, build a bond, and be a family that takes care of each member.

Healthcare Facilities:

Because of its modern healthcare facilities, this society will be unlike any other. The society will offer the best medical services to its residents. These facilities will be state-of-the-art. These facilities will have highly-trained doctors and other staff to provide top-quality treatment 24 hours a day.

Guidelines for Purchasing/Sale Plots in Rudn Enclave

The following guidelines should be followed:

Document Verification:

Please ensure that you verify all documentation thoroughly to avoid miscommunications or misunderstandings. Ask about the NOC of the developers and the approval document from the RDA before you make any deal to purchase or sell the property. This will ensure that your documentation is valid and meets customer expectations.

Financial Security:

Please ensure that your funds follow your purchase plan before any property sale or purchase. This will ensure that your sale or purchase is smooth.

Property visits:

Visit the ground before you make any purchase.

The Benefits of Real Estate Investment:

Real estate investing is among the most lucrative businesses. This investment has a high return potential. It is profitable only if it is done correctly. There are many benefits to investing in real estate. These are some of the most important benefits:

1. Financial Security:

Real is the sector that keeps the investment’s value high and doesn’t depreciate if someone has extra money or an asset.

2. Stable Income

An easy way to generate steady income is to invest in real estate. You can either buy and develop a property or rent it out to tenants monthly, yearly, or quarterly. It is possible to rent out a property monthly, yearly or quarterly basis.

3. Manageable:

Real estate investing is one of the most lucrative businesses. This investment has a high return potential. It is profitable only if it is done correctly. There are many benefits to investing in real estate.

4. Passive income:

Passive income such as rent can be generated after someone has invested in real estate properties. An investor may purchase an already developed property or be open to development and rent it out. This ensures steady income throughout the year.

5. Non-Depreciable Asset:

If done correctly, real estate investment will not lose its value. Every year, real estate values increase. Real estate value can increase if a significant private or government project is initiated.

Why invest in Rudn Enclave?

Because the developers consulted the NESPAK to develop this society, it is one of the most luxuriously planned residential communities near twin cities.

It is located near Rawalpindi, and it has easy accessibility, making it a promising residential area.

This town’s main draw is its high-quality infrastructure development and peaceful environment. It is a place that can be described as a paradise for those who want to live in Pakistan. Even families with poor backgrounds can benefit from the affordable prices of residential, commercial, or farmhouse plots.

Rudn Enclave Pros and Cons:

The pros and cons of Rudn Enclave are as under:

Pros Cons
24/7 Water Perception of faraway locations
24/7 Electricity
24/7 Gas
Theme parks/Recreational areas
Grocery/shopping center/Markets/Malls
Peaceful/ healthy/secure environment
Gated community with surveillance cameras, CCTV Cameras, guards, and security gates
The main sites & other societies are very close
Main boulevard with wide plan carpeting.
Streets, roads, lanes, & walk-ways for pedestrians
Planned drainage and waste disposal systems
Islamabad: Green, smart, and the sustainable housing society
Police Station to maintain law and order
Security system
Solid waste disposal system

Rudn Enclave FAQs:

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about this society:

Q1 – What is Rudn Enclave? How is it different from other housing societies?

Ans. Rudn Enclave, an enhanced version of a residential community that uses high-tech technology equipment, is located in Ans. It is situated right next to Adiala Road and the Rawalpindi Ring Road.

Q2 – Is it an approved, legal housing society?

Ans. It is being processed with the RDA for the NOC and will soon be approved.

Q3 – Is development in full swing?

Ans. Ans. Only one delay was experienced, and the re-alignment on the Ring Road caused it.

Q4 – Is it affordable housing?

Ans. There is no doubt that the flexible and easy installment plans are not comparable to the luxurious residential communities in Islamabad or Rawalpindi.

Q5 – Does this society have a high return investment potential?

Ans. Ans. This increases the likelihood of high-yield investment returns.

\A highly skilled team of developers developed rudn Enclave with the assistance of NESPAK, a world-renowned NESPAK. This society was built by engineers who used the most advanced equipment and materials.

Society is living up to its promise of providing the best infrastructure development in a residential area at affordable rates and luxurious amenities. The society offers the chance to purchase any property at a low price for a lifetime.

Sky Marketing strongly recommends this as an excellent opportunity to invest in society.


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